Saturday, July 26, 2014

Surname Saturday - SURNAMES in my Trees

Here are the main surnames in my family lines: Gillespie-Bunn-Kuhn-Terwilliger [grandparents], plus the surnames in my ex-husband's lines: Lewis-Aiken-Rice-Vineyard [grandparents].  All ended up in Vancouver BC Canada in early 1900s.  

  • ARMSTRONG   (Co.Tyrone, N.Ireland)
  • BORTLE   (NY state)
  • BUCK    (CT)
  • BUNN   (Worcester Eng)
  • GILLESPIE   (Co.Tyrone, N.Ireland, Lancashire Eng)
  • GRAVES     (MA, NY)
  • GRISWOLD    (CT)
  • HORTON     (NY)
  • HUDSON     (PA)
  • HUTCHINS    (ME)
  • JACKSON    (CT)
  • JENNINGS    (NY, CT)
  • JEROME     (CT)
  • KUHN   (Germany, PA)
  • McCABE     (Co.Monaghen Ireland, PA)
  • McCURDY    (Co.Antrim Ireland, NB Canada)
  • MERWIN     (CT)
  • MORRISON    (N.Ireland, Lancashire Eng)
  • ORMSBEE    (NY)
  • PARDEE   (CT)
  • RICH     (CT)
  • TOWERS     (NY)
  • TREAT (Trott)     (CT)
  • WHITEHOUSE   (Worcester Eng)
And, more SURNAMES ... on the LEWIS-RICE side (my ex-husband's side):
  • BAILEY    (MA, NY)
  • BARNES   (MA, IL)
  • CRAIG     (VA, KY, IL)
  • EVELETH    (MA, ME)
  • GHOLSON   (VA, IL)
  • HAYNES    (MA)
  • HEALY    (MA, IL)
  • HUNT     (MA)
  • JOYNER    (NC, TN, IL) 
  • KEYES    (MA)
  • LEWIS  (Canada, ?UEL?)
  • OLIN    (NY, IL)
  • POOLE   (KY) 
  • RICE    (MA, TN, IL)
  • VASSALL    (MA)
  • WALTERS     (VA, TN, IL)
  • WHEELOCK    (MA)
  • WHITE  (MA)  *Mayflower ancestor, Resolved White & parents
Of course, there are so many more surnames - but these are some of the main ones in both sides of my children's tree.  Contact me if you wish more information about any of these names via calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments below.  


Heather Rojo said...

You are off to a great start! I can't wait to read about those New England ancestors, especially the Whites!

Celia said...

Heather - you get a gold star for even finding this site!!
I started this as a trial/draft and probably posted it out to the world "by accident"!! Clearly I'd better do another post soon! However all my photos and details are at home, and I'm still being grandma with my latest granddaughter - 13 days old. Thanks for your encouragement.

Jill Ball said...

Oh how I'd like to be your cousin Celia but sadly none of those families are in my tree.

Celia Lewis said...

Sigh. Too bad. Close but no cigar, eh? And as far as I know, no one in any of my lines headed for Australia or NZ. Well, except for my daughter & son-in-law & 1st grandchild who worked in NZ for about 2 years, and visited Aus. :)


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