Friday, July 20, 2012

BASEBALL at Nat Bailey Stadium...

Baseball.  Maybe the rain will let up and I'll get to the nooner baseball game at Nat Bailey Stadium after all.  I sense a very slight clearing to the southwest - which is where the weather comes from in Vancouver BC.  

    Did you ever go to baseball games when you were young?  Do you go now that you're older?  Got a favourite team or two? Growing up in the city during the 50's and 60s, baseball was a big part of our life.

    I have lots of baseball memories.   My parents watched baseball on TV from the time we got a TV (1955), as well as going to the local stadium to watch, my dad was a Little League coach & manager with a friend of his for a number of years, my younger brother Jake played in Little League as well.  And mom taught my sister and I to do the official scoring for the Little League games when we were just young teens.  Sitting up high, behind the umpire, keeping track of all the hits, errors, runs, where the ball went, and so on - it was great fun!   I got tremendous satisfaction in keeping a clean tidy correct score-pad for the game, and it was also an activity our whole family enjoyed together.

    When the World Series was on TV, and if my mom was working, I'd keep score on a score-pad so she could "see" what had happened in the game... who hit the hits or struck out, who had errors, and so on.  It's a great game for friends and family - lots of time to talk and enjoy being with people, admire the pitcher (or not), be thrilled by the great catches, and more...  Hope it stops raining!  

Google "Nat Bailey Stadium"  to see where it is, and look at the images.  It's in a fabulous setting on a bit of a hill next to a big park (Queen Elizabeth Park - although when we used to go necking on the top, we knew it as Little Mountain Park).   If you're on the 3rd base line side one can look over and see the Lions [mountains] and the other mountains as well, just across the harbour.  Gorgeous.  

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