Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY - Last Day at my desk

Almost Wordless... 

Morning of April 30, 2008

Note the X marks on my calendar - which started several months earlier!

I began planning my retirement 36 months before this final date, in order to be ready physically (knee replacement surgery the first week in May 2008), mentally (began focus on Genealogy, and on Creative Writing), and financially (no pension, so saved & prayed!)  

For the final 10 years, I was one of two Provincial Coordinators for a community/home-based rehabilitation programme for children and teens with recent brain injuries.  I wrote their newsletter, handouts, set up teams of therapists as per parents' goals and preferences, funded, oversaw the work, went to various team meetings of all kinds (medical, educational, and more), provided advocacy and educational information and support.  Satisfying work in many ways.

Retirement is great!  (and I'm 60+ pounds lighter!)


Dave said...

And you made it all work for you!!
Good for you Cuz!

Celia Lewis said...

Thanks, Dave! Life is significantly better in many ways post-retirement. Thanks for posting!! Hugs to you & Muriel.


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