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SATURDAY NIGHT GENEALOGY FUN - 100 words, My Favourite Ancestor

A challenge from Randy Seaver :  SATURDAY NIGHT GENEALOGY FUN  
"In 100 words, describe your favourite ancestor."

My favourite ancestor is one of my earliest settlers in the New England colonies - well, he's my favourite since I'm researching more details at the moment!  Every week a new favourite ancestor.  100 words, eh? Whew!  Follow the links for more information and interesting details.  Here's 96 words on William BUELL:

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BUELL (BUEL), William 1610- 23 Nov 1681, from England to Plymouth in about 1630 in one of two boats led by Rev. John Warham.  William settled in Dorchester MA, owning land by 1636.  Dorchester was renamed Windsor by 1637.

William married Mary POST 18 Nov 1640 in Windsor CT where they brought up their 7 children (5 girls, 2 boys). Mary's parents were lost in the 2nd boat, by the way - I'm not certain who would have been raising her.  William was apparently a cabinet maker/carpenter.

My ancestor is their eldest child, Samuel William BUELL.
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I have found the Albert Welles' book of the History of the Buell Family in America full of misinformation and incorrect assumptions, making for some definite challenges in early research. Here's another book I've also used, and there are more of course on early history of Windsor.   A quick search on Google will turn up a number of books, booklets, histories and more.

Wikipedia has a lovely 1640 map of Windsor, showing Wm Buell's land (top half, left of centre).  Don't you love these wonderful old maps -?!

Anyone reading this with more information on these early settlers, Mary POST & William BUELL/BUEL - do contact me with a comment below, and/or email me, calewis at telus dot net  

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