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52 ANCESTORS in 52 WEEKS: #4, George PARDEE

Following the challenge of writing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, issued by Amy Johnson Crow, here is my 4th installment.

George PARDEE, my 9th great-grandfather on my maternal lines, is an early settler in New Haven, Connecticut.  He was baptised 19 Feb 1622/3 in Pitminster, Somerset, England, so likely he was born perhaps a month before this date. His parents were Anthony PARDEE & Anstice COXE; George is the only emigrant from this family. He was the 6th of their 7 children, the second boy in this family.

Taken from The Pardee Genealogy by Donald Lines Jacobus, (New Haven, New Haven co., CT, USA: New Haven Historical Society, 1927),  p.20, here is a copy made of the baptism certificate:
The date on the sheepskin parchment of the church register of St. Andrew and St. Mary, Pitminster, shows it was difficult to read the specific day - either the 13th or 19th of Feb 1623, son of Anthonie Pardee.   This particular church register apparently dates back to 1545.   Note this book is available on Ancestry, and can be read chapter by chapter.  A wonderful genealogy history - I got lost in it some months ago!

George was educated and expected to follow his father as a curate, and studied Latin.  However, he immigrated to the New Haven area about 1644, and began a 5 year apprenticeship to a tailor, Francis Brown/Broone.  Other families from Pitminster area were the Trowbridge and Treat families, both of whom figure prominently in my ancestor lines.  By 1650, as an educated man, George was the Schoolmaster at Hopkins School in New Haven.  In 20 Oct 1650, he married (1) Martha MILES, and they had 5 children - 4 living past infancy.   Our ancestor line goes through their 4th child Mary.
  Children by 1st wife:
     John, b. 20 Aug 1651, d abt 28 Jun 1653
     John, b. 2 Dec 1653, d. 1683
     George, b. 15 Jan 1655, d. 22 Nov 1723
     *Mary, b. 18 Feb 1657/8, d bef 1686, m. Joshua HOTCHKISS (3 children)
     Elisabeth, b. 10 Jun 1660
  Children by 2nd wife:
     Joseph, b. 27 Apr 1664, d. aft 1742
     Rebecca, b. 18 Apr 1666, d. 14 Jun 1731
     Sarah, b. 2 Feb 1667/8, d. abt 1756
     Hannah, b. 7 Jul 1672

Martha died in 1662, and he married (2) Katherine (or Rebekah - or they may have been the same person) Lane in 29 Dec 1662 in New Haven.  George & Katherine/Rebekah had 4 more children as listed above.

About the time of this 2nd marriage, George became a Rector of the Hopkins Grammar School in New Haven.

Interestingly, about the same time as George was a Rector, he also was issued a licence for an "ordinary" - i.e., an innkeeper.

A memorial tablet put up by a descendant of his states:
In memory of George Pardee / 1630-1700 / Farmer, Ferryman and Teacher / of Latin and Good Manners / Who first owned this land / and of  / William Bradley Pardee /  1821 - 1893 // This tablet is placed under the will of / William S. Pardee / Their Loyal Descendant

We know that George died 14 Apr 1700 in New Haven, and that apparently his 2nd wife had died before this time.  It is not certain if Rebekah and Katherine are the same person.

If you have more information on this first immigrant, George PARDEE, I would be very happy to learn more. You may contact me at calewis at telus dot net, or leave a comment below.

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