Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Almost Wordless...
My mother's mother, Marguerite Josephine TERWILLIGER Kuhn, whom we called "GrandPete" (and variations), with two of her three daughters: my two Aunts Barbara Russell and Dot (Dorothea) Mathieu. My mom was the baby of the family, and the shortest.  

I'm amused to see both my aunts smoking cigarettes, as did my mom all her life. I think the photo must have been taken in California, from the background. In 1963, GrandPete is 83, Barb is 51, Dot is 49.

This photo was in my personal photo album which Mom made for us three kids one Christmas - it took her most of the year, and she typed each label.  She scrounged for photos from neighbours and relatives, and made slightly different ones for each of us.  Later, we went through our respective albums, and copied more of each others' photos.

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