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52 ANCESTORS in 52 WEEKS, #29 : Samuel HUTCHINS, 1682-1742

Following the challenge of writing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, issued by Amy Johnson Crow , here is my 29th installment, Samuel HUTCHINS, my 6th great-grandfather on my mother's lines. (The Hutchins line leads quickly to the Pettygrove line on my mother's mother's lines.)

Samuel HUTCHINS was born 20 Aug 1682 in Kittery Maine (date not proven but found online); he was the 5th son of the 8 children of Enoch HUTCHINS & Mary STEVENSON, who married 5 Apr 1667 in Dover, N.H., about 20 miles up the Pascatagua River. All children were listed in Enoch's will, written Jun 7, 1693; deceased May 9, 1698, killed by Indians. Samuel, aged 16 years, received 5 shillings, as did many of the children.  The oldest two sons received a division of the real estate, one plot can be seen on a map of Lower Kittery, 1635-1700. Other family surnames which intermarried with the Hutchins/Hutchings family may be found here as well: Fernald, Pettigrew (Pettygrove), Ball, Hammons. Note that HUTCHINS is sometimes spelled Hutchings.   

Unfortunately, after his father Enoch was killed, Samuel, his younger brother Jonathan, and his mother Mary, were captured by the same Indians on May 9, 1698 and taken to Canada. [Old Kittery and Her Families, 1903, by Everett S. Stackpole]. I can't imagine how distraught his siblings and other family members must have been at this time. They were returned by the new year, apparently. 

Samuel is thought to have married a Sarah March, but this may be the wife of 'the other' Samuel Hutchins in Maine.  He is shown to have married Hannah MERRILL on January 4, 1715/16, as seen below, in the Newburyport, Massachusetts, marriage register:  
In 1720, Samuel was made a Field Officer in Kittery, as protection for Indian raids; his house was made into a garrison for this purpose.   About 5 years later, he sold his house in Kittery and moved to Salisbury, 30 miles south of Kittery. Later he and Hannah moved to Arundel - before 30 June 1729 [Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire]. Arundel is about 20 miles north of Kittery. 

Samuel and Hannah had the following children - the first 5 children were baptized all together on 26 Apr 1719:

  1. Sarah, bap 26 Apr 1719
  2. Caleb, bap 26 Apr 1719; on 3 Jan 1754 m. Daniel Merrill; several children
  3. Samuel (Jr.) bap 26 Apr 1719; m. Sarah Barter
  4. Hannah, b. abt 1717, bap 26 Apr 1719; m. (1) Lemuel Perkins, (2) John Burbank
  5. Simeon, bap 26 Apr 1719; m. Agnes Durrell
  6. Levi;  on 22 Oct 1748  m. (1) Rebecca Hutchins;  (2) Eunice March
  7. Mary [ancestor], on 12 Feb 1730  m. Thomas PETTYGROVE; 9 children
  8. Lydia, b. abt 1720; m. (1) John Jellison, (2) John Durrell
  9. Joseph;  m. Elizabeth Bryar
  10. David
  11. Abigail, b. 1724; poss. died before 1742

Samuel's will was written 20 October 1742, and he likely died shortly afterwards.  

His will was probated 28 Dec 1742; inventory appraised at £722: 6: 9.  - Wife Hannah received house and estate to reside; - Sons Simeon and Levi were given the real estate holdings to share, plus a gun each.  - Levi also received his Mare and an equal share with his mother- David received a gun plus 5 shillings.  
- His daughters received 5 shillings each as well: Mary, Hannah, Lydia; all were married by this time.  
- As Abigail was not mentioned, it is likely that she had died before this date. 
- Caleb, Joseph & Samuel received 5 shillings each. 

If you have further information on this particular Samuel HUTCHINS or his family, I would appreciate learning more.  And if you have questions or comments, you can reach me via calewis at telus dot com or in the Comments below.  I always appreciate corrections and additions!  Thanks for stopping by.

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