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52 ANCESTORS in 52 WEEKS, #37: Street Chidsey Welton, CT

Following the challenge from Amy Johnson Crow to write a post weekly, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, here is my 37th installment, my 1st cousin 4x removed: Street Chidsey Welton.  And of course, the reason I am writing about him is because of his unusual name. 

Street Chidsey Welton's mother was Nancy Graves, the 6th child of my 4th greatgrandparents, Stephen GRAVES and Ruth JEROME [whose father was the intriguingly named Zerubbabel JEROME].  What can I say? I love unusual names and we have a few in this particular family group. I've done very little research on this collateral line - only enough to be sure of siblings and cousins of my main line. Nancy Graves married Miles Welton; Chidsey was his grandmother Welton's maiden name.

Street Chidsey Welton was born 8 Sep 1816, in Connecticut, 5 months after his parents married on the 15 Feb 1815. The list of children in Nancy Graves & Miles Welton's family were:
  Street Chidsey  b 8 Sep 1816, m. Sep 1841 Adeline Smith; 2 children known
  Ximines b. 6 Dec 1817 [d. 9 Aug 1822];  
  Albert b. 7 May 1820, m. Susan A. Bidwell 26 Jan 1842 in Litchfield CT
  Carlos b. 3 Apr 1822, m. Maria E. Peck Nov 1846
  Ximines Alanson b. 17 Mar 1824, m. Harriet Frances Root 4 Sep 1853 Guilford VT; 4 children
  Ruth Adaline b. 14 Jul 1826, d 17 Dec 1862 (unmarr?)
  Nancy Ann b 25 Jan 1830, m Ralph Humphrey Nov 1853 Litchfield CT; 4 children
  twins: Major G[raves] b 21 Jun 1832
             Marvin b 21 Jun 1832, m. Amanda before 1871, 1 daughter known
  Emily Warner b 17 Apr 1836, m. John Boyd 25 Nov 1858 Logan KS; 4 children

Street married Adaline "Addy" Smith on 6 Oct 1841, apparently in Orange New Jersey, although I can find so record to date of this marriage.  They lived for a time in Henry County, Illinois, where Street had 200 acres of land.  They appear to have had 3 children, but the eldest died before the age of 5; the other two were born in Illinois.  
  1. John Smith, b 10 Feb 1843, CT; d 20 Dec 1847
  2. Theodosia, b 1848, IL
  3. Alanson, b Apr 1849, IL; m 1868 to Alvira A., in Cambridge IL; 4 children
Street and his family are found in Henry County Illinois in the 1850-1880 Censuses.  His occupation is listed as Carpenter for the first few, then on the 1880 Census he is listed as "Dealer in Lumber".  Note that on the 1870 Census his real estate holdings were valued at $10,000 with his personal value at $1,500. 

He and Addy show up on the 1885 Census in Hernando, Florida [part of the metro area of St Petersburg]. And right beside him, is listed his son A. Welton 36 yrs old with wife A.A.[Alvira].  

Although I can find more on Alanson and his family, I cannot find more information on the only girl, Theodosia whose birth year is a year older than Alanson. She shows up on the 1860 Census aged 12, but disappears after that.  

Street's burial memorial stone "WELTON" has his initials and birth/death years, plus his wife's details. He died in 1907, Addy in 1911. They died in St Petersburg, and were buried in the Saint Bartholomew Episcopal Cemetery.  

If you have more information or details of Street Chidsey Welton's family, I would be happy to receive anything you wish to share.  Questions can be answered via direct contact, calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments section below.  I welcome any corrections to my details here, as well.  Thank you for stopping by.

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