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52 ANCESTORS in 52 WEEKS, No. 48: Edyth "Edy" SLAYTON, b. abt 1793 VA

Following the challenge from Amy Johnson Crow to write a post weekly, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, here is my 48th installment, Edyth "Edy" SLAYTON, b. abt 1776 in Tennessee.  Edy is the 3rd great-grandmother of my ex-husband, the 4th great-grandmother of our children.  I am continuing to write about the ancestors whom I know little about, to remind myself to do more research on them. Some of them had minimal research done when I first began searching out my family tree, before I began to learn about using good genealogical standards. 

Edy is the daughter of Daniel Henry SLAYTON & Ann "Millie" WALLER, and she appears to have been born in Tennessee in approximately 1775. I have very little information on other siblings, and very little on her parents.  It doesn't help that there were at least 3 Daniel Slayden/Slayton men living nearby. This surname is written many ways: Slayton, Slayden, Sladden, and so on.

On 18 Mar 1793 in Pittsylvania County Virginia, Edy married Archibald "Archer" WALTERS, son of Thomas WALTERS and Lucy WALKER [not yet proven]. There is much confusion about the existence of two Archer Walter men living in close proximity - one, several years older, was the uncle to the younger. This appears to be the younger Archibald.  He had been married earlier to Elizabeth Richards in 1788. They had 2 children; however in late 1791, Elizabeth died in childbirth of the 2nd child.  Children were Mary, and Abner (married, children).

Edy and Archer had 6 children:
  1.  Anderson, [ancestor], b. 10 May 1794, VA, d. 30 Apr1863 in White county, IL; m. 1815 in TN to Elizabeth JOYNER; 7 children
  2.  Asa, b. abt 1795, TN, d. 1868 IL
  3.  Daniel [named for Edy's father], b. abt 1799, TN,  d. 1856, IL
  4.  Thomas, b. abt 1801, TN, d. in White county, IL
  5.  Lucy, b. abt 1803, TN, d. 1875, IL
  6.  Martha, b. abt 1804, TN, d. 1840, IL 

As can be seen, the family settled in Tennessee (in Montgomery County) for perhaps a decade or two, before moving slightly further north to White County, Illinois.

Archer is said to have died about 1846 in Montgomery county, TN.  It is confusing to hear he died in Tennessee when he seems to have settled in Illinois by about 1835?  Perhaps he was living with an adult child, perhaps after his wife died?  

At this point, I have been unable to find any records about where or when Edy died. 

If you have additional information or corrections to the above, please do not hesitate to contact me via calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments below.  I welcome all information to help in adding details to Edy's life.  Thanks for stopping by and reading.

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