Monday, March 6, 2017

George W. TERWILLIGER, The Duchess, and their Son

It seems as there is at least one George Walter TERWILLIGER in every generation in the TERWILLIGER line, and here we have two on one photograph. Don't they look happy?

Possibly this was taken in late December 1940s before George II married [c.1950]. Likely George and Hazel [his Duchess] were in Florida where the Terwilliger couple lived after residing in Beverley Hills, LA, California.

This photo was found in my grandmother's odds and ends, tucked into an old battered trunk. I'm so glad I found it, and scanned it for my digital files.

On the back of the photo - in possibly George Sr's writing:
George Sr.  George II & 
"The Duchess"
G.II. back in the Navy
But flew in today for Xmas.
Praise the Lord & the Air Lines.

George Sr. 1882-1970, was my GrandUncle, the brother of my grandmother, Marguerite "Daisy" Josephine TERWILLIGER, [also known as GrandPete rather than Grandmother].

George's younger brother, Harold "Hal" married a Countess [her first busband was Count Van Duisburg]. Thus the inside joke re his wife, Hazel, being "The Duchess."

Their son, George II, 1924-1883... I know he married and had two children, a girl, and a boy named George of course! We've lost touch with this line of the family, I'm sorry to say. After my Grandmother married Charles E. KUHN in New Jersey, and the family moved about 1912 to Vancouver area in British Columbia, I haven't found any letters or photos from them. George II would be my 1st cousin 1x removed, his son George, my 1st cousin 2x removed.

Possibly someone in the family will see this post and contact me... Perhaps they have a few interesting photographs of the Terwilliger family as well. I'm dreaming, but it's possible!

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