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APRIL  is a  month where we have a number of birthdays in our family. So I'll post my closest relatives, then add in the direct-line ancestors - only 18 total known for April!

On the left side, Johnny GILLESPIE, my dad, born April 7th in Scotland. [now deceased]  This photo shows him in his Canadian Army uniform, taken in about 1939/1940. He ended up in Halifax area on the new RADAR installation.
On the right side, Jack LEWIS, my children's father, was born April 15th in California USA, but spent most of his life in BC. This photo on the right was taken about 10 years ago.

Our second daughter,
Megan LEWIS, born April 22nd in Burnaby.  Only two days old here in the hospital, and Megan is already busy watching the world!

On the right side, my son-in-law, Brent PERRY, born April 17th in Canada. The photo was taken on his wedding day, to my first daughter Pia.

Other ancestors in our direct line who have
APRIL birthdays include the following:
       -- April  1726  Dirk TERWILLIGER
        3 April 1715  Zerubbabel JEROME
        4 April 1732  Grover BUELL
        5 April 1683  Enoch BUCK
        5 April 1726  Hannah BROOKS
        6 April 1712  Deacon Joseph BAILEY
        6 April 1680  Susannah SPENCER
      11 April 1675  Hannah ORCUTT
      12 April 1811  Thomas Milligan VINEYARD          
      15 April 1576  Annis/Agnes PROWSE
      16 April 1620  Mary ____ m. Thomas AXTELL
      19 April 1727  Huldah KEYES
      19 April 1592  Deacon Gregory STONE
      30 April 1725  Catherine RIFFEL

If any of these names seem familiar to you, do write me. I'm always interested in finding new cousins, or correcting any errors, adding documented information. My contact information is at the very bottom of the blog.

Blooger has a glitch which is stopping me from replying to your comments, but please do know that I appreciate your comments very much. You make my day! Thanks so much for stopping by to read my family blog. 

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