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From IRELAND -- Edward McCABE 1767-1814

Edward McCABE is my 3rd great-grandfather on my mother's lines: my mother's father's father's mother's father.  I have very little information on him, aside from Census details and gravestone information. As with many Irish ancestors, it can be quite challenging to find details in Ireland.  And, as with many ancestors from the late 1700s, it can be challenging to find any details!!

He apparently was born in County Monaghan, Ireland, and died 1 April 1814 in Maryland, buried in Conewago, Adams County, PA, according to the information on the KUHN obelisk at Conewago Chapel Basilica Cemetery.  Two carvings give different dates for his birth calculating from death date:  the original stone states he was in his 42nd year when he died, i.e., born in 1772; but the obelisk gives his birth year as A.D. 1767, i.e., he was in his 47th year when he died.  This discrepancy has yet to be resolved... one wonders if the carver of the first small stone heard "42nd" instead of "47th" -?

Edward apparently immigrated to Pennsylvania before 1797, although records have not yet been found for him on a ship record, nor in a settlement.

However, he shows up married on 17th July 1797 in Morgantown, to Rebecca HUDSON, who was b. 18 March 1777 in the area known as Morgan's town (Morgantown, Berks, PA).  Rebecca's mother was Mary MORGAN, daughter of Col. Jacob MORGAN, who fought in the Revolutionary War; her father Jonathan/John HUDSON, was an early Welsh settler family in the region. I am able to continue research through the Welsh ancestors-- Morgan, Hudson, Bowen, and Piersol/Pearsall families in PA -- as land records and other historical details allow.

Edward and Rebecca had 3 children:
  - Maria Cecelia McCabe, b. 1798, Morgantown; m. ?McDivitt, nothing else known at present
  - Edmond Hudson McCabe (Dr.), b. 1800, Morgantown; m. Elizabeth Farrish, 5 children
        - moved family to St. Louis MO
  - Jane Rebecca McCABE, b. 25 Oct 1803, Downington [south of Morgantown]

Their daughter, Jane, married Joseph J. [Jacobus] KUHN 5 Nov 1826, in Conewago, Adams, PA.  The family settled in East Berlin, Adams County, PA, and had 9 children.  My ancestor line goes through the 2nd child, Dr. Louis DeBarth KUHN.

As you see for Edward McCABE, I have only two questionable birthdates, a marriage date, a death date, children and grandchildren's details.  But nothing really about Edward himself.  What was his occupation?  When did he actually arrive?  Did he come with relatives from Ireland? How was he regarded by his neighbours and family?  Hopefully I can continue to find a bit more information on Edward this year!

If you have any information on any of the names in this post, are a relative, do contact me and I will be happy to share what I details I have.


Leita Stovman said...

Wow! Even more Irish blood in our veins!!! Great research, Cel! Love the posts! ♥

Celia Lewis said...

I tell you - there's Irish everywhere! Go look at our tree on Ancestry and you can see some of the connections. I think there's another line with Irish as well as the Gillespie line... I have to figure that out now! Thanks for the comment!


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