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#52Ancestors: John HUDSON 1736-1789, Pennsylvania

Another post in the year-long challenge, #52Ancestors by genealogist Amy Johnson Crow. Although I am  behind, every post is another post! Today I am sharing information on John  HUDSON, my 4th greatgrandfather on our KUHN lines, 5th greatgrandfather to our children, and 6th greatgrandfather to our grandchildren. There is very little information to be found about John HUDSON/HUTSON, partly as there are a number of Hudson/Hutson men all with same names, generation after generation. However, here is what I've found to date:

John HUDSON was the eldest son the six children of Nicholas HUDSON & Jean/Jane BOWEN, both of whom appear to have emigrated from Wales in the early 1730s. They came to Lancaster County, PA, with John's grandfather George & stepmother Margaret and their adult children.

John's birthdate is estimated 1735/36 in Churchtown, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. [Photo is of 1830s building] No register has been found to date to verify this information. 

On 20 June 1768, John HUDSON married Mary MORGAN [b. 20 Jun 1748], the 4th child of Col. Jacob MORGAN & Rachel PIERSOL. Note that Col. Jacob MORGAN [Sr.] is a well-known Revolutionary War Patriot for whom Morgantown is named.

John and Mary had 7 known children said to have been born in Lancaster county - but note that Morgantown/Caernarvon in Berks county was on the county border with Lancaster County.
   1.   Rachel M., b.19 Mar 1769, d. 20 Apr 1849 Pottsville PA; m. 25 Aug 1794
         in  Exeter PA to Morgan A. Lewis [1771-1843]; 9 known children

   2.   Jacob B., b. abt 1772, d. 1823 PA; m. 1798 PA to Elizabeth Porter [-1823];
         no research on children as yet. 

   3.   Nicholas, b. abt 1773, d. 29 Sep 1861 Berks Co. PA; m. 25 Sep 1793
         in PA to Elizabeth McAnnully; no research on children as yet.

   4.   Rebecca [ancestor], b. 16 Mar 1777 Morgantown PA, d. 10 Feb 1844
         Berks Co. PA; m. 17 Jul 1797 Morgantown PA to Edward McCABE
        [1760s Ireland-1814 PA]; 3 known children

   5.   Jonathan [jr.], b. 30 Mar 1781, d. 1820 PA; m. est 1805 to Sarah Williams;
         no further research as yet.

   6.   Sarah, b. 6 Sep 1783; no further research as yet

   7.   George, b. 16 Nov 1785; m. 11 Sep 1808 Reading, Berks PA to
         Anna Williams; no further research as yet.  But note that Jonathan
         married a Williams in same period, likely  sisters. 

John apparently was in Capt. [later Col.] Jacob Morgan's company during the period from March 1777-1780.  

He died unexpectedly, intestate, before 13 May 1789, aged 54 years. His wife Mary was Administer of his account, and she signed a £500 bond to detail a full inventory on 13 May 1789, along with "Jacob Morgan Esquire and Aaron Rattice," who were signatories with her. The inventory [not including his property] signed off on 5 Jun 1789, came to £65 8s 11p. I can find no records of land ownership, but he did have a small farm. There should also be guardians registered for the children, the majority being underage, although I have not found these as yet.

I have not been able to find a cemetery where he might be buried, but it is likely in Caernarvon/Morgantown. 

Mary died only 6 years later, aged 47, in 1795, in Caernarvon, Pennsylvania. Again, I have not found a cemetery burial as yet.  I note that she would have seen only her first child married. No further documents found to date regarding the likely guardians appointed for the younger children.  

John - occasionally listed as Jonathan - does not seem to have left many clues to his life, his interests, nor to how he died so young.  More research is planned, but to date, these are the major points. 

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If these are your ancestors, I am happy to share what little I have on these ancestors. And if there are errors, please do let me know, via calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments below and I will get back to you either by email or in the Comments. I appreciate the opportunity to correct any issues in these family trees.

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