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52 ANCESTORS in 52 WEEKS, #27: Elizabeth CAMPION 1833-1899 Canada

Following the challenge of writing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, issued by Amy Johnson Crow , here is my 27th installment, Elizabeth CAMPION, wife of Charles LEWIS, my ex-husband's great-grandmother.

Elizabeth was born approximately 1833 in County Cork, Ireland.  She was apparently the eldest child of the 10 living children of Arthur Gifford CAMPION and his wife, Ellen (surname unknown). According to their death registrations, Arthur was born in Bristol, England; Ellen, in County Cork, Ireland. 

The Campion family appear to have lived in Ireland after marrying, and emigrated to Canada West approximately 1843-1844, judging from birthplaces of the 10 children - the first 5 born in Ireland, the remaining 5 born in Canada West.  I have not found them on any passenger lists as yet.

Elizabeth married Charles LEWIS, a neighbouring blacksmith, in about 1853, in Earnestown, Lennox & Addington County, Ontario.  Note that Earnestown was later renamed Bath. They had the following eight children:

  1. Isaac Charles [direct ancestor], b. 20 July 1855 Bath ON; in 3 Dec 1885 in Winnipeg MB m. Alma Jane AIKEN; d. 17 Apr 1937 Vancouver BC; 7 children
  2. Arthur, b. abt 1857 ON
  3. William, b. abt 1859 ON
  4. Ellen Arminia, b. Feb 1860, ON; in 1 Dec 1887 Brandon MB m. James Carrick Miller; 2 children
  5. Frederick Allen, b. 25 Apr 1863 ON;  in 13 Jun 1894 Brandon MB m. Isabella Lockeridge; 8 children
  6. Richard, b. abt 1865 ON
  7. Charles, b. abt 1868 ON
  8. Eva Maria, b. 2 Jun 1870 ON; in 20 Jun 1894 Brandon MB m. Alexander C. Davidson; 5 children
I have been unable to find information on most of the boys in the family, unfortunately. Their names are too common, and I haven't been confident I have the correct persons. More research to do!

By 1891, the LEWIS family had left Ontario and moved to Brandon Manitoba, where Charles and Elizabeth remained.  Several children eventually settled in British Columbia.  

Elizabeth died at the age of only 66 years of "heart trouble" lasting 12 hours (a severe heart attack), on 10 Aug 1899 in Brandon, Manitoba.  She is buried in Brandon Municipal Cemetery, with a lovely large obelisk marking her full name. Her husband is also buried here and his details are on the same obelisk on the other side.  Charles died aged 84, on 16 Feb 1913 in Saanich (Victoria) BC, apparently visiting daughter Ellen (Lewis) Miller. 

Hopefully one day I will be able to find Elizabeth's birthplace, possibly in County Cork where her mother was born.  

If you have further information or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments below.  I appreciate all comments and corrections! 

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52 ANCESTORS in 52 WEEKS, No 26: Elizabeth POWELL 1630-1664

Following the challenge of writing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, issued by Amy Johnson Crow , here is my 26th installment, Elizabeth POWELL, continuing to research some of the early females in my lines.  Elizabeth is my 8th great-grandmother on my mother's lines.

Elizabeth is known mainly because she was the first wife of Miles MERWIN; the Miles Merwin Association has detailed genealogies of him and his descendants.  Of Elizabeth, I know little more than her birth and death details, plus the names of the seven children she and Miles produced.  After  she died, her husband went on to marry twice more, having 5 more children with the 2nd wife. 

Elizabeth POWELL, b. before 29 Apr 1630, in Exeter, Devon, England, was baptized 29 Aug 1630 at the tiny ancient church of All Hallows.  Her father was listed as William.  Not listed, her mother seems to be Dorothy SEARLE.  Two other baptisms at All Hallows show the same father, William:  Samuel, born before 23 Sep 1627, and Nathanell, born before 28 May 1629, d. 11 Oct 1629, and are likely her two younger brothers. 

There are notes online that Elizabeth immigrated to the New World aged about 12 years, in order to join her aunt's family after her mother's 2nd marriage in about 1642; Abigail and husband, John Branker, were a childless couple who had arrived in MA about a decade or so earlier; John Branker was made a Freeman in 1632.  I have not found the source of the  notes/details about Elizabeth's mother and Aunt.  However, I have found the marriage of Abigaill Searll and John Branker on 13 Jan 1629 at Honiton on Otter, Devon, England (FamilySearch).  This is a lovely clue which may indicate that Dorothy and Abigail were indeed sisters, giving credence to the assumption that Dorothy Searle is Elizabeth's mother.

There is another story online stating Eizabeth was married first to Theophilus Canfield, who died very shortly afterwards.  This seems somewhat unlikely as her baptism was in 1630 and she was married to Miles MERWIN either in 1647 (aged 17), or 'before' 1650 according to Torrey's published records, (aged 20).  In addition, the only Thomas Canfield/Campfield I found in Milford area, lived to 1689!  However, it is true that the Canfields later intermarried with at least 2 Merwin children. 

As mentioned above, Elizabeth married Miles MERWIN abt 1647 (definitely before 1650), possibly in Windsor, Connecticut.  Miles had emigrated from England in about 1640 with his uncle.  Miles' occupation was as a tanner, merchant/trader, and landowner in Windsor and later in Milford, Connecticut

Our MERWIN couple were early settlers in Milford, and apparently did quite well, as Miles had a tannery business which his son John later ran; plus a warehouse by the water for his trade, and owned ships in the trading business with Boston and the West Indies.

According to the Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers, Elizabeth and Miles had 7 children born in Milford, the last infant dying at 2 mos old:
1.  Elizabeth, b. 1648; m. possibly Samuel Canfield; d. 1711; at least 1 daughter Abigail
2.  John, b. 13 Jan 1650; on 12 Apr 1683  m. 1st  Mary Welch; on 6 Jan 1705 m. 2nd Elizabeth Canfield; d. 15 Jan 1728
3.  Thomas, b. abt. 1652
4.  Abigail, 1654; in 1670 m. Daniel Scofield; 8 children
5.  Samuel, 21 Aug 1656; m. 1st, 13 Dec 1682, Sarah Wooding or Woodin; 2nd, 9 Mar 1691, Hannah [wid.Beecher]; d. 22 Jan 1705 or 1706
6.  Miles [ancestor], b. 14 Dec 1658; 20 Sep 1681, m. Hannah WILMOT [wid. Samuel Miles]; d. 18 Sep 1724; 4 children
7. Daniel, 28 Jun 1661; d. 4 Aug 1661. 

Miles married a second time (after Elizabeth's death) to Sara Platt and had 4 daughters.

Elizabeth died 10 Jul 1664, in Milford, Connecticut.  She likely would have been buried in Milford Cemetery, Milford, New Haven, CT, as it opened in 1642.  However there does not seem to be a stone.  Her husband, Miles MERWIN, and his 2nd wife Sara, are known to be buried in the Cemetery, and a stone now lists them on the Founder's Memorial Bridge. No headstones are marked in the earliest burial ground. The Miles Merwin Association has placed a headstone for Miles Merwin.

If you have questions about this post, or further information of Elizabeth POWELL Merwin, please do not hesitate to contact me via calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments below.  If you have details to correct, I would be very happy to update this post and my tree - with sources, of course.   

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WORDLESS WEDNESDAY - 1945, me with my bunny

On the front steps of our rented duplex at 2033 Victoria Street, at McSpadden Avenue. Clearly I'm on my way to bed with my bunny.  And also clearly, I'm busy watching something happening over to the side, rather than watching the camera.  Probably Mom is taking this photo, since Dad would be back in Halifax in 1945. 

The typewritten tags on the photos from my own Photo Album were all done by Mom, for all 3 of us kids, with our different Photo Albums.  A definite labour of love.  

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52 ANCESTORS in 52 WEEKS, #25: Catherine RIFFEL, 1725-1799

Following the challenge of writing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, issued by Amy Johnson Crow, here is my 25th installment, Catherine RIFFEL, my 4th great-grandmother, through my mother's father's lines.  

Although Catherine's birth date is 'known' to be 30 Apr 1725 in Germany, she married in Pennsylvania, so I can assume that she immigrated with at least one member of her family to Pennsylvania, before her marriage in 1744.  To date, I have no records of parent(s)  "Riffel" or variants of that name, and I am listing her on this blogging challenge to remind myself of all the research still to be done on her and her family.  I have no names of her parents at this point.

The group of immigrants into the Goshenhoppen region and later the Adams County region of Pennsylvania seem to have come from the southwestern region of what is now Wurrtemberg and from Bavaria. Two little villages' names which show up in several historical records are: Neckartailfingen, and Schlaitdorf in Wurrtemberg. Both of these villages are situated 20 km south of Stuttgart, as seen on the Google map at right.   Although these are tantalizing clues, I have yet to confirm that either the families of Catherine RIFFEL or John George KUHN originated from either of these places. A very sparse bread crumb trail! 

On 27 Nov 1744, in Macungie, PA, Catherine was married to John George KUHN, second son of John KUHN and Anna Barbara ADAMS. His parents apparently arrived about 1732 to Pennsylvania.  Catherine & John's marriage is listed in the Goshenhoppen Register (transcribed, online), as:

"KUHN, John George, 27 Nov 1744, in John Kuhn's house, to Catharine Riffel; witnesses the bridegroom's parents and brothers, and others."  

Because her parents are not listed as witnesses, I might wonder if they had died before 1744-? Of course, the "and others" statement doesn't tell us if those others were relatives of any kind.  Mystery. I took a moment to go through an online listing of the Goshenhoppen Registers of baptisms, finding and highlighting 79 RIFFEL names!  I felt like such a twit when I saw so many.  How did I possibly miss this? Well, probably because I'd earlier been searching only for KUHN names in those early searching days.  

Some of the highlighted baptisms took place "in John Joseph Riffel's house" or "at Joseph Riffel's house at Macungi".  This could be the same person of course. They give me bits of information which I need to research further, with several different possible relationships to keep in mind, at all times. I think I'll need a spreadsheet to figure out the who's and when's.

Catherine RIFFEL and her husband John George KUHN, had 5 children whom I know of, the first 4 born in Goshenhoppen:

1. George Jacob, b. 31 Mar 1746; m. 03 May 1768 Magdalen Tapper; d. 17 Nov 1825 Pikesville, MD
2. Barbara, b. abt 1748; m. 09 Jun 1767 John Lochler; 
3. Mary Eva, b. abt 1750; m. 13 Sep 1768 to (probably) Nicholas Walter; d. 1778, PA
4. Anna Margaret, b. 28 Apr 1752; m. 14 Mar 1771 to Robert Owings; d. 12 Apr 1802, PA; 6 children
5. John Ignatius [direct ancestor], b. abt 1753 in Greenwich, Berks, Pa; m. 25 Apr 1775 to Theresa (Tarasy) FRICKER; d. 1 Mar 1826, Reading, Berks, PA; 12 children

There may be other children as well, although because the Kuhns named their children the same names, there is some confusion about who belongs with whom.  

Catherine died 15 March 1799 aged 74 years of age, in Adams county, PA, and was buried in the Conewago Chapel Basilica Cemetery, where several generations of KUHN families are buried.  I'd love to give you a little more information on the Conewago Cemetery, but FindAGrave and Ancestry are down today from a DDoS issue... it could take awhile, so I'll post anyway.  I may update this post at a later time. 

If you have further information on any of the children, or of Catharine RIFFEL's parents and family, do please contact me at calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments below.  I particularly appreciate any corrections you may have to share!  

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Fathers' Day - Fathers & Grandfathers

Grampa Gillespie - William John "Jack" GILLESPIE, 1899
His engagement photo.
6 children

GrandPop Kuhn -
Charles Edward KUHN
 abt 1930s.
6 children.

My Dad - John "Johnny" GILLESPIE
About 1939 or 1940
3 children

my elder son, 2010
3 children

                                                             Brent PERRY-->
 my son-in-law,
1996 (wedding day)
 3 children

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WORDLESS WEDNESDAY - First Cousins 1946

First Cousins - children of the Kuhn sisters, Barbara (eldest) and Mary (mom - youngest).  1946, after the war.  2033 Victoria Drive, Vancouver BC (not there any longer).

We're 2, 3 and 4 years old.  My older sister (top left) and I (bottom right) are holding our dolls, possibly made by Mom.  I have an apple I'm trying to share, I see, and Wendy seems to have one as well. Hmmm, I think Derek has one in his hand, while he looks at something to the side - maybe our dog Buddy.

Leita, Derek (top), Wendy and Celia (bottom).  Aren't we adorable-?

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52 ANCESTORS in 52 WEEKS, #24: Alma Jane AIKEN, Ontario Canada

Following the challenge of writing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, issued by Amy Johnson Crow, here is my 24th installment, Alma Jane AIKEN, my ex-husband's paternal grandmother, our children's great-grandmother.

Alma Jane was born 28 May 1858 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada (date on 1891 Census). Unfortunately the only thing I know about her parents - from her first marriage registration - is that her father was John - or possibly Robert John AIKEN; her mother was listed as Eliza Jane [other research shows possible surname of BAKER].  So far I have not been able to verify either of her parents, nor find them on the 1851/52 Census. Much more work to do here, but there are certainly clues.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Alma Jane married for the first time to Melancton Odell (or Odella) Andrews, 24 Nov 1881, aged 23 years old, son of John and Ellen Andrews.  Witnesses were Frances Aiken of Collinsby, and Robert E. Aiken, Collinsby; likely they are both relatives, possibly siblings.  [This place is Collins Bay, part of Kingston, Ontario.]  

Her first husband's name is very unusual. There is one other "Walter Odell Andrews" individual I have seen in my searches; that person was b. in Michigan of an English-born father, but I'm not certain of the connection - if any. Still, it's an interesting coincidence, particularly as I've found a Walter Andrews with a sibling "Odle M. Andrews", father John. Doesn't that seem like a possible series of crumbs to research?

Her first marriage seems not to have lasted past the birth of their first child, Cora May Odella Andrews on 31 Aug 1882.  Cora May was born in Oxford, Ontario.  Cora apparently suffered from epilepsy during her lifetime, and may have been mildly mentally handicapped. From the Census records, and city directories, she lived with her Lewis family all her life, dying the year before her widowed mother, Alma. 

I did not find a divorce record, but apparently Alma Jane AIKEN Andrews moved with her daughter, Cora, to Winnipeg after 1882. Possibly she moved with her family members, but I have not completed searching for more information as yet. 

We do know that on 3 Dec 1885 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, she married Isaac Charles LEWIS, the eldest son of Charles LEWIS and Eliza/Elizabeth CAMPION. The Lewis family was originally from Bath Ontario (possibly United Empire Loyalists), but moved to Manitoba after 1870.  Isaac opened a butcher store there.

Alma Jane and Isaac had seven children that I have been able to find, all surname Lewis of course:
  1. Arthur Aiken , b. 16 Apr 1887, Winnipeg, MB; d. 8 May 1917, [WW1] Vimy Ridge battle, France
  2. Edwin C(harles?), b. 2 Jun 1889, Ontario or MB; m. Anna K., d. 30 Sep 1975 Sacramento CA USA; at least one daughter
  3. Frederick L., b. 8 Jan 1892, Selkirk, MB; apparently married in California, lived in Redondo Beach region; d. 2 Jul 1965, Los Angeles CA USA; at least 3 children
  4. Alma Elizabeth, b. 29 Jul 1894, Selkirk, MB; m. Dr. Otto DeMuth; d. after 1967, Vancouver BC; apparently 3 children
  5. Evelyn Eliza, b. 11 May 1896, Selkirk, MB; m. Herbert Lloyd Phillips before 1930; d. 30 Oct 1950, Sacramento, CA USA; children
  6. Mona Ann, b. 17 Oct 1898, Selkirk, MB; d. before 1906, Brandon, MB. No information.
  7. Charles William* [ancestor], 19 Feb 1901, Brandon, MB; liaison Ada Rice, 1 or 2 children; 2nd liaison or m. Reba Kathryn RICE, about 1933 in California; d. 8 Feb 1952 (complications of surgery), Vancouver BC; two children.
The parents, Isaac and Alma Jane, moved with their children to Vancouver before 1911. Eventually most of the children moved down to California.  Alma Jane's husband, Isaac, died 17 Apr 1937 in Vancouver BC.  She died 11 Dec 1954, in Vancouver BC.  Her last address was apparently 1056 Richelieu Street in Vancouver BC, near Queen Elizabeth Park area (see house on Street view of Google).  Both sons were living in California at time of her death, and her surviving daughter Alma E. DeMuth was living in Vancouver BC.  Cora, her eldest daughter (from first marriage), had died the previous year, having lived with her mother her entire life. Alma Jane is interred in Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, but not in the same plot as her husband, nor is there a gravestone that could be found. 

I have no photographs of Alma Jane AIKEN Andrews(1) Lewis(2), nor of her husband, Isaac, which surprises me. Surely, someone in the family has a few photographs -?  Hopefully a relative (or several cousins) reading this post will dig through their old family photograph albums and find photos of either Isaac and/or Alma Jane and their family, which they would be willing to share with me.  I'd love to be able to provide copies of photos to my children. Treasure. They would be definite treasure.  I don't want to take your originals, of course, but any copies would be lovely.

If you have any questions about Alma Jane AIKEN, or have information to share or to correct some of the above details - or photos! - please do not hesitate to contact me via calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments below.  I would be so pleased to add more details (Evelyn Lewis Phillips' children, for instance), any stories, any tiny clues.  Any detail would be much appreciated! 

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52 ANCESTORS in 52 WEEKS, #23: Joshua JENNINGS

Following the challenge of writing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, issued by Amy Johnson Crow, here is my 23rd installment, Joshua JENNINGS, an immigrant settler before 1646 to the Connecticut area. Joshua is my 8th great-grandfather on my mother's line. 

The surname, JENNINGS, is of early medieval English origin, and found later in both Ireland and Wales. It is a patronymic name, related to John (Janyns = little John).

Joshua arrived with his brother John and possibly their father, John Sr., a few years after his eldest brother Nicholas had arrived in 1634 on The Francis.  We know that Joshua was in New England before 1646, as he is noted as a Joiner/Carpenter who built the seats in the meeting house in Wethersfield, Connecticut.  

On 23 December 1647, Joshua JENNINGS married Mary WILLIAMS, in Hartford, a few miles away from Wethersfield, CT.  Mary may have been the daughter of Matthew Williams & Elizabeth Conant (not yet proven).  In 1650, he seems to have settled in Fairfield CT along with other Hartford families.

The following details are taken mainly from "Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut", and "Jennings, Davidson and Allied Families" by Lillie P. White, as well as histories of specific towns in Connecticut, e.g., "History of Fairfield".  Children of Joshua and Mary were apparently born in Fairfield unless noted otherwise, not all spouses listed:
  1. Joshua, b. abt 1648, m. Mary Lyon;  d. 1716
  2. Joseph, b. 14 May 1640, m. (1) Abigail Turney, (2) Sarah Bulkeley;  d. 1727, Fairfield
  3. Michael, b. 1652
  4. John, b. 1654, Hartford; m. Sarah ____; d. bef 1697, Fairfield
  5. Samuel [direct ancestor] b. 1656, m. Sarah Grumman, 10 children; d. 1734
  6. Matthew, b. 1658, m. Hannah Wheeler;  d. 1738
  7. Mary, b. 1668, m. ____ Curtis
  8. Isaac, b. abt 1673; m. ____ Beers'  d. 10 Jul 1746, Fairfield
  9. Elizabeth, b. abt 1674, m. John Smith
Joshua died in 1675, leaving a "good estate to his wife and children". Apparently his will was written 25 Feb 1673/74, but I don't have a copy of it as yet. If one of my readers has access to the will, could you send me a link to view it? 

As always, if you have any information, corrections or questions about this ancestor, please do not hesitate to contact me via calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments section below.  


Family, friends, and others - I hope you enjoy these pages about our ancestors and their lives. Genealogy has become somewhat of an obsession, more than a hobby, and definitely a wonderful mystery to dig into and discover. Enjoy my writing, and contact me at celia.winky at gmail dot com if you have anything to add to the stories. ... Celia Lewis