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#52Ancestors: Theresa [Taresy] FRICKER, 1760-1821, Pennsylvania, USA

 Another post in the year-long challenge, #52Ancestors by genealogist Amy Johnson Crow. I am way behind, but every post is another post! Today I am sharing the limited information I have about my 3rd great-grandmother on my mother's paternal line: Theresa FRICKER

Born or baptised apparently 1 May 1760, in Reading, Pennsylvania, of unknown parents, Theresa left almost no records, as did many women of the times. The FRICKER family would have been Roman Catholic, as shown when she married into the KUHN family in 1775, in the Goshenhoppen, Berks, PA chapel. Non-Catholics would have been noted as such in the records. Note that her first name is sometimes spelled as Farasy, Farrasy, Farracy, Tarasey, Tarasy.  

My first note of Theresa FRICKER was seeing her marriage registration, a typed published transcription of Goshenhoppen marriages: p.107

And here come several questions or problems noted in this marriage transcription. Normally witnesses are family members. However I have not yet found a Henry Kuhn of the age to be a witness. John I. KUHN's father and brother had both died by 1775, and all Henry Kuhns in the family were under 18, although one was about 18, a 2nd cousin. I also have no idea of the family of Catharine Erman and her relationship to either of the marriage couple. I've looked up various surname spellings [eg, Ehrman] with several Ehrman, Ermann variations, but no clarity. These two people are good clues, but to date, I have no details to help me place them in the friendship or family circle of this couple. 

Note that women kept their maiden names after marriage, as per the custom of the Dutch. 

Much of the details have come from the Goshenhoppen registers [transcribed/typed], the KUHN obelisk in the Conewago Basilica cemetery, and elderly relatives' records. [photo by permission] 

The twelve children of Theresa FRICKER & John I[Ignatious] KUHN were the following, 2 boys, and 10 girls! 
    1.  Catherine, b. 24 May 1776, bap. 27 May 1776; m. est 1795 to Jacob Grett
    2.  Mary Magdalen, twin, b. 22 May 1778, bap 29 Mar 1789, d. abt 1801; m. est 1800 to John Arthur
    3.   Magdalana, twin, b. 22 May 1778, bap 8 Jun 1778, d. abt 1809, Conewago
    4.  Farracy [Theresa], b. 22 Oct 1780, d. 12 Jan 1847, Pennsylvania; m. est 1805 to Aloysius Owings 1784-1809; 2 boys
    5.  Anna Maria, b. 18 May 1783, bap. 25 May 1783; died young
    6.  Judith, b. 28 Sep 1785, bap. 9 Oct 1785, d. 8 Feb 1848, Abbottstown, Adams, PA; m. Benjamin Fink (1781-1842); 1 girl, 2 boys
    7.  Anna Appolonia, b. 17 May 1791, bap 20 May 1791, d. 12 Dec 1879 Gettysburg, Adams, PA; m. 10 Oct 1826 to Georg Richter; 2 boys
    8.  Margareta, b. 6 Mar 1794, d. 24 Jan 1874 Fort Seneca OH; m. 2 Feg 1817 Conewago Chapel PA to Philippus Staub, 4 boys, 6 girls
    9.  Elizabeth, b. est 1796 Conewago PA, d. 11 May 1852; m. est 1820 to Eusebius Owings
  10.  John, b. 14 Oct 1797, d.30 Mar 1887; m. 28 Jan 1823 to Susan Mathias; 2 boys, 5 girls
  11.  Anna, b. 30 Jan 1801, d. 13 Feb 1807, Conewago PA
  12.  Joseph Jacobus [ancestor], b. 4 Oct 1803, d. 18 Sep 1878 McSherrytown PA; m. 5 Nov 1826 to Jane Rebecca McCABE; 3 girls, 6 boys. Note that Jacobus is Latin form of  James. 

On the Goshenhoppen registers there are mentions of only three other people with the Fricker surname, and they seem to be about her age or younger. And I haven't found that surname on any early passenger lists, although I certainly should look again. All I know about her is that she married, had 12 children, and over 30 grandchildren, and died. So little.

Theresa FRICKER died 20 Apr 1821, aged 60 years, at their home in McSherrytown, Adams, PA. She is clearly listed with her husband on the KUHN obelisk in the Conewago Basilica Cemetery, Adams, PA.   

Her husband, John, died 5 years later, 1 Mar 1826, apparently in Reading, Berks, PA, likely staying with one of his children, after Theresa died.  

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If these are your ancestors, I am happy to share what little I have on these ancestors. And if there are errors, please do let me know, via calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments below and I will get back to you either by email or in the Comments. I appreciate the opportunity to correct any issues in these family trees.

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