Surnames & Places

Please contact me if you have questions or wish any information on these lines, or if you have anything you'd like to share about any of these ancestors:  calewis at telus dot net (you know what to do), or in the Comments.

GILLESPIE-BUNN, my father's lines in the Midlands of England and in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland before immigrating to Vancouver, B.C., Cnada in early 1900s.   

KUHN-TERWILLIGER, my mother's lines in New England states, particularly CT, NY, NJ, PA, before immigrating to Vancouver, B.C., Canada in early 1900s.

LEWIS-RICE, my children's father's lines, from Ontario & Manitoba in Canada, plus CA, IL, MA, TN, VA  before immigrating to Vancouver, B.C., Canada in early 1900s.  A Mayflower descendant  through the Rice line up to Resolved WHITE (and his parents, William & Susanna White).


Here are the main surnames for the Gillespie-Bunn and Kuhn-Terwilliger lines (mine):
  • ARMSTRONG   (co.Tyrone, N.Ireland)
  • BORTLE   (NY state)
  • BUCK    (CT)                                                                        
  • BUNN   (Worcester Eng)
  • GILLESPIE   (co.Tyrone, N.Ireland, Lancashire Eng)
  • GRAVES     (MA, NY)
  • GRISWOLD    (CT)
  • HORTON     (NY)
  • HUDSON     (PA)
  • HUTCHINS    (ME)
  • JACKSON    (CT)
  • JENNINGS    (NY, CT)
  • JEROME     (CT)
  • KUHN   (Germany, PA)
  • McCABE     (co.Monaghen Ireland, PA)
  • McCURDY    (co.Antrim Ireland, NB Canada)
  • MERWIN     (CT)
  • MORRISON    (N.Ireland, Lancashire Eng)
  • ORMSBEE    (NY)
  • PARDEE   (CT)
  • RICH     (CT)
  • TOWERS     (NY)
  • TREAT (Trott)     (CT)
  • WHITEHOUSE   (Midlands Eng)
And, more SURNAMES ... on the LEWIS-RICE side (my ex-husband's side):
  • BAILEY    (MA, NY)
  • BARNES   (MA, IL)
  • CRAIG     (VA, KY, IL)
  • EVELETH    (MA, ME)
  • GHOLSON   (VA, IL)
  • HAYNES    (MA)
  • HEALY    (MA, IL)
  • HUNT     (MA)
  • JOYNER    (NC, TN, IL) 
  • KEYES    (MA)
  • LEWIS  (ON, MB, BC, Canada)
  • OLIN    (NY, IL)
  • POOLE   (KY) 
  • PURDY (NY, Ontario Canada, [UEL])
  • RICE    (MA, TN, IL)
  • VASSALL    (MA)
  • WALTERS     (VA, TN, IL)
  • WHEELOCK    (MA)
  • WHITE     (MA)  *Mayflower ancestor, Resolved White & parents
So many more surnames - but these are some of the main ones in both sides of my children's tree.  Email me if you wish more information about any of these names, or leave a comment.  


Family, friends, and others - I hope you enjoy these pages about our ancestors and their lives. Genealogy has become somewhat of an obsession, more than a hobby, and definitely a wonderful mystery to dig into and discover. Enjoy my writing, and contact me at celia.winky at gmail dot com if you have anything to add to the stories. ... Celia Lewis