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(more or less) WORDLESS WEDNESDAY - #1 Daughter 1972

My #1 Daughter, in about 1972, enjoying her uncle's motorcycle, and looking into the side mirrors as she rummm-rummm's.  There is something about little kids and a motorcycle - they HAVE to climb on it!  She got taken for a short careful ride soon afterwards.  Made her day.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Edwin WHITE, 1809-1884, England

Edwin WHITE is my son-in-law's 3rd great-grandfather, baptised March 31, 1809, at St Nicholas [Anglican] Church in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England.  I have not been able to prove this is the correct Edwin WHITE, although the birth year and birthplace are consistent with all later details. For now, this is very likely but not proven.

He was likely born a few weeks earlier, but I have yet to find parish registers online for this time period; perhaps, soon.  His parents were John WHITE and Hannah SCOTT, but I am unable to find any information on them, as they appear to have died before the Census in 1841. With such common names, it is challenging to be certain of having the correct parents. Again, these parent names are likely but not proven. My research log has a list of several items to look for, such as a will for John White which might name his son Edwin - my fingers crossed!

At some time between 1809 and 1828, the WHITE family must have moved from Nottingham to Mancetter or nearby Atherstone, Warwickshire. The 'mother church' was in Mancetter, St. Peter's Anglican Church.

On June 30th, 1828, Edwin married at aged 19, to Susannah PARSONS, aged 21, in St. Peter's Church, Mancetter Parish, Warwickshire. Susannah's parents were Richard PARSONS and Sarah CHETTEN. Susannah's Baptism confirms parentage, and I also have Richard and Sarah's marriage registration. Note on this marriage registration that Edwin signs his name, whereas Susannah puts her mark X.

We don't see anything further of Edwin and Susannah WHITE until the 1841 Census. At this time, they are living in Chapel End, Hartshill Warwickshire - this is only a few miles from Mancetter. Edwin is working as a blacksmith, whereas most other heads of households are working as "Ag Lab" [farm workers], or involved in the silk ribbon trade, winding silk or weaving into ribbons.
You can see that both Edwin and Susanna are listed as 30 years of age;  Josiah 12, Maria 10, James 8, Sarah 4.  That gap between James and Sarah likely is from a child who died before 1841. The final squiggle on the right side is answering the question as to whether each person was born in the county [Warwick]. It's messy, but there's an 'n' for no, for Edwin, and a 'y' for yes for all others.

In ten years, the 1851 Census shows the family has three more children, and their eldest daughter Maria (aged abt 20) is likely married by this time. (must do more research).  The black marks are tick marks by the enumerator, counting heads of households, males, females etc. Children listed here are Josiah, aged 22 working as a blacksmith, James 18 "do" means ditto - working as a blacksmith, Susannah 16 working as Hand Loom Weaver Ribbons, Sarah 14, "do", Hannah 9, Scholar, and Philip 4 yrs. Again there is a gap of 5 years between Hannah and Philip, likely for one or more children who did not survive. With no birth control measures, women usually had babies every 2'ish years.

In 1861, ten years on, James and Josiah have left home. Having been taught to be blacksmiths as their father, Edwin, they would be independent and likely are married by this time. Sarah WHITE married John PERRY the previous year and is out of the home. Hannah is 19 and working as a Ribbon Weaver - a major cottage industry in this region; Philip is 14, also working as a blacksmith. There is one more child born to Edwin and Susanna, Isabella, 9 years of age, a 'scholar. Finally, we see there is a Granddaughter, Alinor White, 6 years old. She must be the daughter of either Josiah or James White.  (more research still to do).

Clearly Edwin and Susannah have managed to raise 8 living children - although they likely lost several additional children. Note the gap between Philip and Isabella, likely another child lost before 1861. Edwin's occupation of Blacksmith, and teaching it to his 3 boys, likely kept the family in reasonable financial conditions, as around this time, the home-based silk ribbon trade was becoming mechanized, causing tremendous hardship in the region. It is possible that Edwin's father John WHITE was also a blacksmith, as boys often followed their father's occupation, apprenticing with them. Another clue for researching Edwin's parents/father.

Edwin's wife, Susannah, died March 1866 in Atherstone (on outskirts of Mancetter), Warwickshire, aged 58 years.  By the 1871 Census, Edwin is found living with his youngest daughter, 19 year old Isabella, all the other children having moved on.  He is aged 63, and working as a blacksmith still.  Isabella does not have anything written down as an occupation, which is unusual. One more to-do item on my research log.

I have not found Edwin WHITE in the 1881 Census, likely he was living with one of his children. I did find his Death registration for October 1884, aged 75, in Nuneaton Warwickshire. This is the same region he had been living in for past 40 years or so.

The PERRY-ATHERTON lines go through Edwin & Susannah's daughter Sarah WHITE, b. 1836, who married 15 Apr 1860 to John PERRY.
If you have more information on Edwin WHITE who married Susannah PARSONS, I would love to share details, and learn more.  And if there are errors you notice, please do let me know. Contact me at my address at the bottom of the page calewis at telus dot net or, in the Comments section.

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Phillip Wesley VINEYARD 1834-1874 White County, Illinois

Phillip Wesley VINEYARD was the eldest son, second child, of Thomas Milligan VINEYARD and Priscilla POOLE.

Phillip is the great-grandfather of brothers Jack and Bill LEWIS (LEWIS-RICE lines). 2nd great-grandfather to the next generation (i.e., Jack & Bill's children). Phillip was born approximately 1834 and registered in Norris, the nearest town to his parents' Indian Creek land; birth year estimated from censuses.

Thomas M. VINEYARD's father, John, purchased 160 acres in Section 28 of Indian Creek, White County, Illinois. The growth of Illinois was very rapid between the time it achieved statehood in 1818, when the population was under 55,000, to 1840 when it had swelled to 476,000 people.  Where the red dot is on the green map, is Norris; Indian Creek region is just outside Norris on left side.  This southern region of Illinois had excellent land for farming.

As mentioned, the VINEYARD family were farmers, and Phillip continued as a farmer, as shown on the 1850 Census, District 13 in White County, Illinois. Here I found 3 generations living together: Phillip's parents, his grandparents John and Leanah, and all Phillip's siblings but the eldest daughter Rebecca. She had married the previous fall to John F. Hill.

Five years after the 1850 Census, on December 13, 1855, Phillip married Margaret C. WALTERS, daughter of Anderson WALTERS and Elizabeth JOYNER.  Margaret's parents had come from Virginia and Tennessee to Illinois shortly before 1840.  The two families farmed relatively near each other, in District 13, White County, Illinois.

Phillip & Margaret's children, all born in White county, IL [not all researched]:
   1.  Florence, b. Nov 1856; m. 1 Jul 1882 to Samuel M. Orr; 4 children
   2.  Priscilla, b. 1858
   3.  William Anderson, b. 20 Nov 1860, d. 31 May 1940 Los Angeles CA;
             m. 13 Dec 1883, McLeansboro, Hamilton, IL to Arabel Hill; 6 children
   4.  Martha Jane, [LEWIS line] b. 2 Aug 1864, d. 19 Mar 1954, Los
              Angeles CA; m. in 1887 Henry Luther RICE; 8 children 

              [Reba RICE was 5th child of Henry & Martha]
   5.  Lucy, b. 1866  NB: may be nickname for #7 child, Leanah
   6.  Leanah, b. 1867 [named for namesake, Phillip's grandmother, Leanah
            SNEED Vineyard]
   7.  Thomas Milligan, b. Jun 1869 [named for namesake, Phillip's grandfather,
            John VINEYARD]; m. 22 Nov 1891 Rhoda B. Pettigrew, 2 children
   8.  Rebecca E., b. 1871

On the 1860 Census, Phillip  married 5 years to Margaret, resided and farmed next to his father, Thomas. Thomas lived with his 2nd wife Samantha, and their family, plus Thomas' mother, Leannah [SNEED] Vineyard, aged 93.  Phillip's mother Priscilla, had died in 1857, several months after her 10th child was born. Second wife, Samantha Garrett, had 4 children with Thomas; those would be Phillip's half-siblings, and he would have known them fairly well. After Samantha died in 1867, Thomas married the following year for a third time, aged 68 yrs, to Martha Thompson, aged 42. They had no children, but Martha would have been stepmother to Thomas' youngest children from his previous wife, plus Phillip's youngest full sibling, Jesse, 11 years old.

Although Phillip would have been old enough to fight in the Civil War, 1861-65, there is no record of him actively fighting. However, we have the record that he did register in the 13th Congressional District of Illinois, on August 31, 1863:

"Indian Creek | [No.] 18. Vineyard, Philip W | 34 | " [white] | Farmer | Married | "[b. Ill.]

Phillip died February 6, 1874 in White County, likely in Norris, aged only 40 years. Possibly there might be information in the local newspapers of the times, in 1874, with a notice of his death, or of an epidemic in the region, or an accident. I'm curious because 40 is very young to die.  At his death, he left 8 children, the youngest only 1 year old, Rebecca.  This name, Rebecca, is one of many repetitions of names in the Vineyard families.

His widow, Margaret, married for a second time in 1878 to Francis Marion Berry, and they subsequently had two boys: Louis and Garfield Berry.  Margaret died in 1918 in Mcleansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois, where she is buried with her second husband, Francis Berry, and their second son, Garfield.

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If you know anything more about any of the above VINEYARD individuals or other surnames mentioned, I would be so pleased for more details. And if you wish more information on them, I'm also happy to share. Contact me at my address at the bottom of the page calewis at telus dot net or, in the Comments section.

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My Great-Grandfather, George BUNN, 1857-1919, England

We have a story in our family, written up by several older members of my father's family, including my Grandmother Gillespie (née BUNN), some years ago. It states that George was orphaned when very young and raised by his neighbours, the Franz family. So sad, right?

Wrong. Quite quite wrong. Nothing like a bit of research to clarify the facts, and also to understand how such a misunderstanding happened.

George was the only child born to William BUNN and widow Sarah (née SMITH) France. Ah, see the name of her first husband?  First clue to the Franz family myth.

Sarah was significantly older than William - 11 years. When her first husband, Thomas France, died in a coal mining accident in 1851, along with her father, Thomas SMITH, she had 7 children at home. Their ages ranged from Elizabeth (15) to Esther (less than 1 year). William was also a coal miner, and likely knew Thomas from work, as well as close residence.

William BUNN lived nearby the family, in Darby Hand [Darby End], Parish Dudley, near Netherton. Their church was St Thomas in Dudley, Worcestershire. Below is a copy of their Marriage Register of St Thomas, Dudley/Netherton, with marriage date after Banns, of November 25, 1854:

You can see ages, occupation, residence, and father's names & occupations, as well as the information that Sarah's father is "dead". Neither William nor Sarah wrote their signatures, but made their mark in front of the 'Incumbent' [vicar].

George BUNN, their only living child, was born April 26, 1857, in Windmill End (also in same area in Dudley); this was just over 2 years from marriage. At that time, Sarah would have been 37 years of age, and George made her 8th living child; William, 26 years old. An interesting situation to my mind.  They usually fudged her age on Censuses after they married or switched ages.

From the time of his birth, George would have been raised with the FRANCE children, including an illegitimate nephew only 2 years younger than himself:
   1.  Elizabeth, b. 1839 - had illegitimate son, Thomas France (3rd), in 1859
   2.  Emma, b. Oct 1840
   3.  Thomas, b. 1842   - Thomas (2nd)
   4.  Jeremiah, b. Aug 1844; m. Hannah Sherwin, 8 children [similar names]
   5.  Martha, b. 1847
   6.  Amelia "Emily", b. 1848
   7.  Esther, b. 1851

Most of the mixed BUNN/France family, with our George BUNN and including Sarah's illegitimate grandson, Thomas, can be seen on the 1861 Census for Dudley, below:

Sarah's second daughter, Emma, about 21, is likely working or married, and out of the home. Esther, youngest child, would be 10 - either she is visiting outside the home, or has died. I have not searched details of all the siblings. Yet. 

On the 1871 Census for Dudley, we see William & Sarah, with son George BUNN 13 yrs, plus Elizabeth France's illegitimate son, Thomas France 3rd, 12, listed as Nephew [of William] - actually his step-grandson.  Note that George BUNN would actually be Thomas France's step-Uncle. I have not been able to find Elizabeth France in any other records, but BUNN is a common surname in this region, and Elizabeth is one of the most common forenames. More research needed.

By the 1881 Census, we see William & Sarah alone with no children, and Sarah's eldest son, Thomas 2nd, aged 38, and his family, next door. The other Thomas France 3rd, Elizabeth's son, is shown a little ways away but still in same parish, married with 10 mo. old daughter Alice.

And,  George?  Surprise! Married in 1876, on February 14th, George, aged 18, is married for the first time, to 18 year old Mary Delheridge in Dudley. She is seen to have died in the 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec) of the same year, 1876, likely in childbirth, but that is not known without finding a detailed death registration.  

On the Marriage registration certificate I ordered for George and Sarah WHITEHOUSE, I slid over the statement that George was a Widower before he married our direct ancestor, Sarah Elizabeth WHITEHOUSE in summer of 1879. Since he was 22 at the time, I had somehow held the assumption this was his first marriage. Assumptions. Obviously I ought to have searched for any marriages, and questioned how a 22 year old could be a widower. 

He and Sarah Elizabeth WHITEHOUSE were married August 18, 1879, at St. Thomas Church n Dudley Parish. Their first child, Harriett BUNN was born October 31, 1879 in Netherton, by Dudley. (Harriett was my Grandma GILLESPIE.) 

George & Sarah Elizabeth BUNN moved up to Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, several years after George's step-nephew, Thomas 3rd France had moved his family there. Shipbuilding was strong in Barrow, and many labourers were needed. Both Thomas and George were experienced after working in the foundries in Dudley, so they would have had little difficulty finding jobs. 

Here George and family are on the 1881 Census for Barrow F, living at 5 Cook Street: 

In 1891 on the Census for Dudley, George's parents, William & Sarah, are living by themselves. Sarah's children by her first husband were living nearby, however. 

George BUNN and his wife living on 8 Byron Street in Barrow in Furness [Barrow F] in the next Census, 1901, and next door at 10 Byron Street in 1911. Their eldest daughter, Harriett, married in 1899 to William John "Jack" GILLESPIE, whose family (3 generations) had sailed from Northern Ireland to work in Barrow F as well. 

Children all born in Barrow F: 
  1.  Harriett, b. 31 Oct 1879 [my line], d. 1962 BC Canada; m. Jack
          GILLESPIE, 6 ch.
  2.  Emily "Emmy", b. 7 Mar 1882, d.15 Mar 1951 Barrow F; no
          marr, no ch
  3.  George Wm, b. 8 Feb 1884, d. 29 Mar 1936 BC Canada; m. Louisa
           Jones; 6 ch
  4.  Thomas, b. 12 Dec 1886, d. 8 Oct 1917 Belgium WW1; no marr.
           no ch
  5.  Sarah "Cissy", b. 10 Feb 1889, d. 20 Jul 1965 Barrow F; m. Wm.
           Caulfield, 2 ch
  6.  Beatrice, b. 1891, died first year.
  7.  Ethel May, b. 1 Jun 1893, d. 17 Jan 1981 Washington USA; m. Jm.
           Bullas, ch
  8.  Esther Matilda, b. 10 Aug 1895, d. 16 Dec 1946 Barrow F; m. Herbert
           Scobie, ch
  9.  Benjamin "Ben", b. 10 Dec 1898, d. 1 Nov 1982 BC Canada; m. Alice
           Bradshaw, no ch.
On June 2nd, 1911, George BUNN sailed on the Empress of Britain  from Liverpool to Québec, with his son-in-law, Jack GILLESPIE. Jack was following his younger brother Jim, who had emigrated in 1907, settling in Ontario. George's eldest son, George Wm. Bunn, had previously emigrated and landed in Vancouver BC in 1910. England's burst of economic growth was slowing down and work was hard to come by. There was quite a wave of English immigrants to Canada during this period 1900-1920. Jack GILLESPIE did not bring his family over at the same time... that's another story!

However, George became sick in Canada, and he returned to England shortly afterward, in the fall of 1911. Several other Bunn children emigrated from England to Canada, settling on the west coast.

And in December of 1919, George died in Barrow in Furness, aged 62 years.

I have no photographs of George BUNN, but perhaps a cousin somewhere has one to share-? And I also don't know what his hobbies were, whether he like to read, sketch, play cribbage, fish, go for long walks, did he like dogs, telling stories-? Some details do not come down to us, after several generations.

In summary: He was never orphaned and adopted by a FRANZ family. On the contrary, both his BUNN parents were alive and well into the 20th Century, living in Dudley region of Worcestershire, England. His father, William BUNN, may be the same-named person who died in the 3rd Quarter (July-Sep) of 1902; his mother, Sarah, in 1918. 

But it was an interesting story, wasn't it?  And all those FRANCE family members - they're also all step-cousins of George BUNN's descendants. I've added all of them to the Lost Cousins website and hopefully one will contact me at some point in time.

The direct line of George BUNN has these first generation surnames:
 BUNN, BELL, OLIVER, OSBORNE, PLUMRIDGE  (((waving to all my cousins))) 

If you know anything more about any of the above BUNN individuals, I would be so pleased for more details. And if you wish more information on them, I'm also happy to share. Contact me at my address at the bottom of the page calewis at telus dot net or, in the Comments section.

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Cousins of all sorts are very welcome to request copies of certificates etc. that I have in my possession.

I might request a cup of coffee as payment, however!


Family, friends, and others - I hope you enjoy these pages about our ancestors and their lives. Genealogy has become somewhat of an obsession, more than a hobby, and definitely a wonderful mystery to dig into and discover. Enjoy my writing, and contact me at celia.winky at gmail dot com if you have anything to add to the stories. ... Celia Lewis