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John HUDSON, 1735-1789, Pennsylvania, USA

John HUDSON, occasionally written as Jonathon, was born approximately 1735 in Churchtown, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is my 4th great-grandfather through my mother's KUHN line.

John was the eldest of five sons and 2 daughters of Nicholas HUDSON & Jean/Jane BOWEN, all born in Churchtown, PA.  His father Nicholas, grandparents George and Margaret and other family emigrated to Pennsylvania from Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire, Wales, likely between 1720-1734. Several of these family members have already been written up - use the search tool on the right to find more information on the HUDSON, BOWEN, and MORGAN families in Pennsylvania.

On 20th of June 1768, in St. James Episcopal Church, Lancaster, PA, John married Mary MORGAN, the second daughter of Col. Jacob MORGAN Sr. [photo above, free of copyright]

John owned over 300 acres of land in the county, as well as 3 acres in the township of Caernarvon, less than 2 miles from Churchtown.

He and Mary had 7 children:
   1.  Rachel M., b. 19 Mar 1769, d. 29 Apr 1849 Pottsville, Shuylkill, PA;
            m. 25 Aug 1794 to Morgan A. Lewis [1771-1843]; 9 children
   2.  Jacob B., b. abt 1772, d. 1823 PA; m. 1798 to Elizabeth Porter.
   3.  Nicholas, b. abt 1773, d. 1851 PA; m. 25 Sep 1793 to Elizabeth
   4.  Rebecca, [ancestor] b. 16 Mar 1777, d. 10 Feb 1844 PA;
            m. 17 Jul 1797 to Edward McCABE [c.1767-1814]; 3 children
   5.  Jonathan, b. 30 Mar 1781, d. 1820; m. Sarah Williams; no information
   6.  Sarah, b. 6 Sep 1783; no information
   7.  George, b. 16 Nov 1785; m. 11 Sep 1808 to Anna Williams.

Between March 1777 and March 1880, John fought in the Revolutionary War against the British troops. He fought with the Berks County soldiers, in his brother-in-law Capt Jacob Morgan Jr's company.

In September 1789, John died in Caernarvon, aged 54. The cause of his sudden death meant he had no will, and died intestate. A bond was required, and a full inventory of his belongings - not land - were valued at £65. 8, 11. I was sad to see 1 Negro man [no description] was listed along with other farm items and was valued at only £1. 2, 6.

His wife Mary died only 6 years later, aged 47.  Again, this is a very young age to die, and the family was fairly well off, so perhaps there was disease in the region. I have no information on cause of death, nor a will for Mary. I would expect there should be bonds and perhaps a guardian assigned as the several youngest children were not yet of age.

More research in the Wills/Probate/Guardians files is needed to clarify what happened to his lands and belongings after John's sudden death, followed by Mary's death. And obviously I will be searching more information on their children's lives as adults.


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