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Edward McCABE, b. 1767 according to a small personal gravestone stating his age at death on 1 April 1814 as 47 years old.  Too young, isn't it?  I haven't found any record of why he died at that young age.  His age at death is listed as only 42 on the large KUHN obelisk stone with his wife (their daughter married into the KUHN family in Pennsylvania).  The KUHN obelisk states he was born in 1767, and died at 47 years of age; the smaller stone states he was 42 years old at death.  This age-at-death discrepancy is not resolved, as yet.  Both stones may be seen at Conewago Chapel Basilica Cemetery, Adams, Pennsylvania.  

All that I know of his origins is that it is stated he came from County Monaghan, Ireland, and that he was likely born there in approximately 1767.  He married Rebecca HUDSON (b. 18 Mar 1777) in Morgantown, Berks, Pennsylvania. Therefore we can assume that he was in Pennsylvania approximately a year or more before then.  I'm still searching through all the pages of any 1790, 1800, and 1810 censuses for any McCabe families, in case he came with some relatives! Chester county, Lancaster county, Berks county, and Adams counties - all to be searched.

Rebecca, his wife, was born in Morgantown where her parents settled, and was the middle child of 7 children. Her parents were Jonathan HUDSON & Mary MORGAN, and her grandparents were all early Welsh settlers in Pennsylvania, living at times in Caernarvon, Churchtown (Chester county), and Morgantown.
He is found on the 1800 Census, living with his family in Uwchlan Township, Chester county, PA.  No details of his possible occupation are available.  And I have yet to find more records - wouldn't it be wonderful to go visit?  Unfortunately the 1800 Census is transcribed from the earlier original records, as it is listed alphabetically - Sigh!! So no friends or family relationships are available to be researched.

Next, I will be writing to the Uwchlan Township Historical Commission to request several possible histories which might be practical for researching the early settlers. Hopefully, including a sentence or three about my McCabe ancestor. A long shot, but perhaps something will show up there.  Land records so far show no results, but I'm at early stages of searching.

Edward & Rebecca had only 3 children before he died in 1814:
1.  (Sister) Maria Cecelia McCabe b. 1798 in Morgantown, PA.  I believe she died in MD, but I don't have details as yet.
2.  (Dr.) Edmond Hudson McCabe b. 1800 in Morgantown, PA.  He had 5 children (4 boys, 1 girl), no grandchildren! All his children died before the age of 56.
3.  Jane Rebecca McCABE, my ancestor, b. 25 Oct 1803 in Downington, Chester, PA.  Jane married Joseph Jacobus KUHN in 1826, in Conewago, Adams, PA and they had 9 children.  I am descended from the 2nd son, (Dr.) Louis DeBarth KUHN, b. 22 Oct 1829 in East Berlin, Adams, PA.

If any of this information is related to your ancestors, do not hesitate to contact me, either by leaving a comment below, or by emailing me  calewis at telus dot com -- I would love to hear from you!  Or, if you have more information on any of these ancestors, I'd be thrilled to have even a small clue to work with!  Thanks for dropping by.


Leita Stovman said...

Another mystery to solve re our ancestors. You will find ino, Celia, because you persevere at it! So there's a little Welsh along with the Irish in the Kuhn line! Love your posts!

Leita Stovman said...

oops, thought I proofread properly - should be "you will find the info"

Celia Lewis said...

Interesting, isn't it? Some of these ancestors -- Hudson, Morgan, Brown, Jenkins Piersol, and a few others in this area -- came from Wales in late-1600s to Pennsylvania. I have a fabulous old map of land plots in Caernarvon Township Pennsylvania, of the mid-late 1700s. Amazing to see all those names! Thanks for commenting, Leita!


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