Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Not so WORDLESS WEDNESDAY -Grade 1 Class Photo - 1949

Me - Grade 1 at Laura Secord Elementary School, in Vancouver BC.

My wonderful Grade 1 teacher was Miss Hudson, whom I ran into again when I was a public health nursing student. What a treat to see her so many years later and see what an inspirational teacher she continued to be with her students.

Curly-top hair, missing a front tooth, and wearing saddle shoes... And I am pretty sure Mom sewed the skirt/suspenders I'm wearing, as she made us new clothes for school each year.

In September, I walked into Grade 1 already knowing how to read, and having done some math at home as well.  The family story is that I browbeat my 15-months' older sister into teaching me what she'd learned at school, when she came home each day.  I don't remember that, (she does!) but I do know I've always loved to learn, always wanted to read. Certainly that beginning made my first few years of school very easy.

Happy First Day of School to everyone... unless your kids went to school at the end of August.

Here in Vancouver BC, we always went back to school the day after Labour Day, a stat holiday.  It made me think that "New Year's Day" should be September 1st, rather than January 1st.  New beginnings, new possibilities...


John D. Tew said...

Very cute Celia!

I have always thought teachers are special folks who are generally underappreciated! My wife is a teacher and our younger son is now a second year high school English Literature teacher. My parents tell me that I arrived at school when I was 5 knowing how to read because a young teacher lived above us in Holyoke, Massachusetts. She spent time with me reading and teaching me to read. Sadly, no one remembers her name and I have no memories of her at all. :-(

Celia Lewis said...

Perhaps she was listed in that year's city directory, John-?
I was very lucky to have a number of excellent teachers throughout school, and into university. My own kids had very good ones in their first years, but a few who should have been strongly encouraged to move into other professions! A good teacher is such a treasure, and a tremendous influence on their students. Thanks for stopping by with your memories.

Jill Ball said...

What a confident young Miss.

Celia Lewis said...

Thanks for commenting, Jill! I absolutely loved school, particularly those first few years. It was safe, I could do the work, the teachers were generally kind and helpful. A good environment for me.


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