Tuesday, February 10, 2015


My favourite baking activity:  making loaves of bread, slicing them, freezing them in half-loaves.

Potato bread, multi-grain/seed/nut bread, butter'n egg bread... Nothing makes the house smell so good. And I can make all 5 of these loaves at the same time.  Then, all 5 fit into the oven at once, so it doesn't take more than one baking period.  Easy.

The ones in the photo are likely potato bread.  I use a very easy recipe which is so flexible that I no longer even think of reading a recipe when I make bread.

I know this is not a photo of an ancestor... but I'll be someone's ancestor at some point, and they will see that I loved to make bread. Right?


lyra lewis said...

is this with real mashed potatoes, or instant potatoe flakes?

John D. Tew said...

Celia: A good point that we should take time to post for our descendants. Nice photo and beautiful loaves. Now we need to see a "Family Recipe Friday" post capturing your recipe so it is not lost. ;-)


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