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Joseph Jacobus KUHN, 1803-1878 Pennsylvania

Joseph Jacobus KUHN, was the 12th and the youngest child of John Ignatius KUHN and his wife Theresa/Tarasy FRICKER. Of interest is that he was only the 2nd boy of this marriage. The priest used the latin form of his second name, Jacob.

Joseph J. KUHN, was born October 4, 1803 in Conewago, Adams, Pennsylvania.  An early note states he was a drummer boy in the War of 1812, which did not actually end until 1815. Very young. I have not yet researched whether or not his one and only brother, John Kuhn, fought in the war as well; John would have been 5 years older. Later, Joseph was a Colonel in the Pennsylvania State Militia.

The obelisk to the right is on the KUHN burial region in the Conewago Chapel Basilica Cemetery, Conewago Twp, Adams, PA, where many of the Kuhn children and spouses are listed, as well as their ancestors. This obelisk provided much information on my KUHN ancestors, with names and dates to help in genealogy research. [photo, by permission]

On Nov. 5, 1826, in Conewago Chapel, by Rev. I. Barth, Joseph married Jane Rebecca McCABE, the younger daughter of Edward McCABE (from Ireland) and Rebecca HUDSON. Note that my Kuhn ancestors were Catholics who emigrated from the Wurttemburg region of Germany approximately 1730-1740.

Very soon after his marriage, Joseph bought a farm on the banks of the Conewago [the Big Conewago], near East Berlin, Adams, PA, where the family lived. He and his wife stayed here for about 40 years. Note the KUHN family were living only 12 miles or so from the famous battleground of Gettysburg.

From their marriage, there were 9 children known, all born in East Berlin, Pennsylvania:
   1.  Edward John, b. 23 Sep 1827, d. 25 Feb 1906 Hanover PA; m. 1) Annie Gill 1856, dec. 1862 in Troy MO;  m. 2) Sarah Jane Hilt abt 1870; 8 children
   2.  Dr. Louis DeBarth [ancestor], b. 22 Oct 1829, d. 7 May 1908 Brooklyn NY; m. 17 Jan 1864 Port Townsend, Wash.Terr. to Amelia A. PETTYGROVE; 10 children.
   3.  Sarah Jane, b. 25 Dec 1831, d. 29 Apr 1834, East Berlin PA.
   4.  Maria Rebecca, b. 2 Feb 1834, d. 8 Nov 1857 [typhoid] in Cuba on honeymoon; m. abt 1857 NY to Charles F. Leisen
   5.  Charles Edmund, b. 16 Nov 1836, d. 23 Nov 1909 Denver, CO; m. 1862 to Jennie M. Myers; 1 child who died aged 23.
   6.  Jane Elizabeth, b. 5 Feb 1839, d. 8 Jun 1916, Brooklyn NY; m. abt 1865 to Philip Reilly, 5 children
   7.  Joseph Augustine, b. 1 Sep 1841, d. 4 Oct 1918 Port Townsend, Wash. Terr.; no marriage/children.
   8.  John Randolph, b. 28 Aug 1844, d. 2 Nov 1926 East Berlin PA; m. 13 Feb 1870 Brooklyn to Henrietta Marie Rabitte; 13 children
   9.  Dr. George Richard Montgomery, b. 2 Sep 1847, d. 5 Nov 1915 Brooklyn NY; m. 13 Nov 1879 Brooklyn NY to Mary E Hussey; 5 children.

Joseph J KUHN was a farmer, but for a number of years he also acted as Associate Judge of Adams County, as well as other minor offices. He was referred to as "Col." from his military engagement with the PA State Militia. His farm holdings included the original farm on the bank of the Big Conewago, as well as a place in New Oxford, Adams, PA, a few miles away.

Joseph died September 18, 1878, leaving his wife as well as seven living adult children.  He is buried in the KUHN gravesite, and details engraved on the KUHN obelisk, in the Conewago Chapel Basilica Cemetery. Image of chapel on left. He left a considerable estate, which two of his sons administered: Edward J, and John R. Kuhn. It was finally probated in full by Aug 16, 1893.  

There is conflicting details on exactly where he died: either New Oxford or in McSherrystown. These two towns are very close together.  I am researching this currently, along with finding his actual will, plus his wife's will of 1883.

On the 1880 census of Brooklyn His wife, Jane Rebecca, is seen living with her daughter Jane Elizabeth Kuhn who had married Philip Reilly, with five Reilly grandchildren. She died Jun 15, 1883 in Brooklyn, and her body was taken back to Conewago Chapel Basilica Cemetery.

Of his children, Joseph seems to have done well, making sure they had a good education, and worked hard for a good life.  An obituary writeup on his life notes the following about the children:
Edward is a wealthy farmer of Hanover, Pa.  
Louis DeBarth who was a surgeon in the United States Navy during the war is now a practicing physician in Brooklyn; he married Miss Pettygrove of Portland Ore., daughter of the founder of that city.
Joseph A. is a lawyer of considerable wealth, president of a bank at Port Townsend, Wash.; he has been in the legislature and state senate for twenty years and is a prominent Mason, a past master of the grand lodge of Washington, and a shriner.
John R. is a lawyer in Brooklyn
George K. is a physician in Brooklyn.
Maria R. married C.F. Leison, and died on her wedding journey i Cuba.
Jane is the widow of P. Reilly, an eminent lawyer of New York, where she is still residing.
Charles E. has one of the largest ranches in Denver, Colorado, situated near Kuhn's Crossing in Elbert County, and covers an area of ten square miles, devoted principally to grazing.

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