Tuesday, January 23, 2018

#52ancestors challenge: SNOWFALL, 1950s

This week's topic was "Invite to Dinner" and it didn't lead to a good photo in my albums, so I decided to remind us all that Vancouver DOES occasionally have a big SNOWFALL! Many winters we have virtually no snow, others we have a week or three of snow, not deep, not lasting. And then, since the temperature runs +2/-2 from freezing, there are the rare icy wet snows which leave every intersection and alley crossing a skating rink...

Here is the west-facing view from the porch of our home on Matapan Crescent in Vancouver, probably in early-mid January. There's a roughly shovelled pathway, and we've shovelled the sidewalk out front of the house as well.

Of course as kids, we made snowmen, flung ourselves down to make snow angels, threw snowballs, and also tunnelled through the big mounds of snow! And I bet we pulled anything we could slide on [cardboard boxes, e.g.) to the hill on the other side of those two houses - they backed onto the hill and park.

The little label on this photo shows it was from my personal Photo Album. One year my Mom made 3 different photo albums, a unique one for each of us. There were some family photos which were copied and put in each album, but most photographs were unique about us. A very wonderful Christmas gift.

There's no date on this photo, nor identifying info on the people standing on the sidewalk. Probably Dad, and I'm not sure who the woman would be. Mom would have been the one taking the photo, I think. Probably someone in the family will know.

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