Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY - Feb 1960, Down in Stanley Park

Oh, I'm so grown-up - with my nice coat and purse, walking through the pathways and trails in 1,000 acre Stanley Park, a peninsula park of Vancouver BC Canada, all by myself, aged almost 17 years old. 1960 - the beginning of a very challenging uplifting decade in Canada, (and in the States).

The stone carving on the left, facing me, is of Pauline Johnson - click on the link to learn more about this fascinating poet.

I had a passing person take the photo of me, so I'd have a momento.


SallySearches said...

I love this, Celia! A selfie from 1960 :) You were ahead of the game.

Celia Lewis said...

You made me snort my tea, Sally!! Too funny. Thanks for the laugh today! :)


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