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52 ANCESTORS in 52 WEEKS, #11: Elizabeth ABREY

Following the challenge of writing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, issued by Amy Johnson Crow, here is my 11th installment, for Elizabeth ABREY, wife of the immigrant settler, my 6th great-grandmother on my maternal lines.

I have so little information on Elizabeth, that I'm embarrassed.  Which is why I'm writing about her - this tiny bit. I have only her first name;  her surname is unsubstantiated by any quality documentation. 

Her husband was Thomas MORGAN, b. abt 1659 in the northern part of Wales, Caernarvonshire [possibly], in Wales.  All their boys were apparently born in Wales, again possibly in Caernarvonshire:
 - Thomas, abt 1697  - Note: Thomas is NOT listed in his father's will of Dec 1740, and is not confirmed as his eldest son, to date. The following four sons are listed on the will:
 - John, abt 1700-1754
 - William, abt 1705-1768
 - Francis, 1710-1779
 - Jacob [direct ancestor], 1716-1792 [Revol.War, Col.]

As far as is known, the MORGAN family immigrated about 1718, settling in Pennsylvania.  Most information on Thomas is based on descriptions of his youngest son, Col. Jacob MORGAN and his exploits.

Several genealogies and historical records of early settlers in PA show that the family settled on the north bank of the Conestoga Creek, in what is now Berks county, with 400 acres of land in late 1718, settled in 1719.  This tract of land was in Caernarvon Township area - a map of the township is available with names of the principal land owners.  The land is very close to the site of Morgantown, laid out by his son, Jacob Morgan

Elizabeth?  She is not mentioned - except for her first name, listing her as his wife [living] at the time of Thomas' will, 6 Dec 1740, probated in Philadelphia, 25 Mar 1741. 

The only information I have about her is from a number of family trees who have no documentation attached.  Her birth date is estimated only - looking at the birth years of her 4 or 5 sons - to be likely 1668-1675, place unknown but likely in same area as her husband Thomas.  Their marriage date is also unknown, but likely to be approximately 1695.  Her death date is not listed anywhere that I have found as yet, but is likely to be from 1741-1750.

The Morgan family settled in the Caernarvon area of PA with a large number of Welsh immigrants: Jenkins, Piersol, Morgan, Davis, Evans, Bowen, Hudson, Williams, Allen, Martin, and others.  I have an early .pdf map of the area with drawing of land plots, Warrants from early 1700s onwards. Contact me if you wish a copy of this map. 

If you have any information or questions about Elizabeth ABREY, wife of Thomas MORGAN, the immigrant settler, do contact me via calewis at telus dot net, and/or comment below. 

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