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52 ANCESTORS in 52 WEEKS, #21: Thomas Milligan VINEYARD

Following the challenge of writing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, issued by Amy Johnson Crow, here is my 21st installment, Thomas Milligan VINEYARD, my ex-husband's 2nd great-grandfather on his mother's side (RICE).  Note the surname Vineyard may also be found as VINYARD.  

There is apparently a line of Vineyards in the USA originating from Germany (Weinert).  However another line of Vineyard immigrants were Anglo-Scots, and apparently arrived in possibly Virginia in the 1700s, with one branch moving through to Tennessee and then to Illinois - this particular branch. 

Thomas appears to have been the youngest of 7 known children of John VINEYARD and Leanah SNEED, all born in Tennessee.  I do not yet have the place they were born, nor the previous ancestors details... research is never done!! And with a middle name of Milligan, I suspect a maiden name in his ancestors to research.

Born 12 Apr 1811, Thomas and his parents and family moved to Illinois after he was born.  On 16 August 1830, at the age of 19, Thomas married Priscilla POOLE, only 14 years of age at the time of their marriage. Only 2 years later, Thomas volunteered and fought with the D.Powell Company Regiment 3, Brigade 2, Illinois Mounted Volunteers from White county, during the Black Hawk War

Thomas and his new family are listed on the 1840 Census for White County, Illinois, as well as 1850, and 1860 Censuses, before his death in 1872.  I have not found him in the 1870 Census as yet.  Click on the county name for more information on White County history.

Priscilla died in 6 Sep 1857, six months after the birth of their 10th child.  Thomas and Priscilla's children are as follows, all  apparently born in Norris City near Indian Creek area; note not all children's spouses listed:

  1. Rebecca Leannah, b. 1832, d. 1903
  2. *Phillip Wesley [ancestor], b. 1834, m. 13 Dec 1855 to Margaret C.WALTERS; d. 6 Feb 1874 IL
  3. Margaret Priscilla, b. 20 Jan 1836, m. abt 1856 to Lewis Jackson Oliver; d. 29 Jan 1910 IL
  4. William Alexander "Alex", b. 18 Jan 1838, m. 14 Nov 1861 to Patsy C. Garrison; d. 1912
  5. Mary Jane, b. 10 Feb 1841, d. 5 Aug 1913, Gossett, IL
  6. Sarah Ann, b. 19 Nov 1842, d. 14 Sep 1927, Houston, TX
  7. Martha Ellen, b. 10 Mar 1845, d. 3 Oct 1931, Muskogee, OK
  8. Amanda, b. 1847, d. bef 1860 IL
  9. John F., b. 3 Dec 1849, d. 5 Sep 1894
  10. Jesse E., b. 23 Mar 1857, m. abt 1879 to Florence Stafford; d. 26 Aug 1901 Mayberry IL
Within a few months of Priscilla's death, on 30 Jan 1858, Thomas took a 2nd wife, Samantha J. Garrett.  

On the 1860 Census, Thomas is shown with his wife Samantha, previous children still at home: Martha, John, and Jesse, plus he and Samantha's 1st child, Daniel.  As well, Thomas' widowed mother, Leanah, aged 93, was living with them.  

Thomas and his family continued to live in White County IL, on his farm, and had 4 more children:

  1. Daniel E., b. 13 Dec 1859, m. 24 Oct 1882 to Dicia A. McKenzie
  2. Nancy Sharon, b. 21 Nov 1861
  3. Susan E, b. 4 Oct 1863, m. 5 Apr 1891 to Charles Armstrong; d. 19 Jul 1894
  4. Lovina, b. 1 Apr 1865, d. 10 Aug 1867
Samantha, Thomas' 2nd wife, died 21 Oct 1867, scarcely 2 months after her 4th child.  

He married for the third time on 19 Jan 1868, to a widow, Martha J. Thompson; no further children are listed.  Thomas died only 4 years later, on 16 Jun 1872, while visiting a Dr. Berry in his office in Hoodville, Hamilton county, IL.  I clearly need to research what relationship the two had, as to why he was visiting Dr. Berry. 

I know very little about Thomas - aside from his military history, occupation as farmer, and his many children.  He seems to have been a relatively successful farmer in the area, and there may be more histories of White County IL which may have additional details. 

If you have any questions or further information you could share, please contact me via calewis at telus dot com, or in the Comments below.  

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