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52 ANCESTORS in 52 WEEKS, No. 43: Samuel Peet TREAT, 1754-1837

Following the challenge from Amy Johnson Crow to write a post weekly, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, here is my 43rd installment, my 4th great-grandfather, Samuel Peet TREAT.  This TREAT family line goes back from my 2nd great-grandmother in a direct line to Governor Robert TREAT (CT). (Deputy Governor of CT 1678-1683, 1698-1708, Governor 1683-1698).  

One of the reasons I wanted to write about this particular Samuel TREAT (there are many in collaterals and direct lines), is that the children attributed to him and his wife have unusual birthdate gaps. Perhaps a reader may be able to help me understand them or, find further information.

The TREAT surname is from the TROTT family lines in England. Shortly after one specific Trott family emigrated from Taunton area of Somerset to settle near Wethersfield CT, their line changed the surname from Trott to Treat, for reasons unknown to us now.  More details of the TREAT ancestry needs to go through research in TROTT families in England.

Samuel Peet TREAT, b. 29 Sep 1754 in Milford, New Haven, CT, was the 5th child of parents, Samuel TREAT (1714-1798) & Beulah JENNINGS (1722-?). Samuel had 4 sisters and one brother (one other brother died as infant). 

"Samuel P. Treat" is listed as a Private, volunteer in the War of 1812, according to the "Record of Service of Connecticut Men".  There were, however, more than five Samuel Treat men of the right age to be in the military. This is likely to be Samuel Peet Treat, but is not proven.

On 29 Sep 1780, in Milford, New Haven, CT, Samuel P. TREAT married Sarah THOMPSON, b.22 Aug 1763 in New Haven.  Sarah's parents were apparently James or Zachariah THOMPSON & Sarah PUNDERSON - there is some confusion as to which Thompson was her father, at this time.  Note that Samuel was 26 years old, Sarah 17 years old, at the time of marriage.

Samuel & Sarah had 5 children who are attributed to them, as follows, all born in Connecticut:
  1.  Mehetable, b.1 Oct 1781, Milford; m. 11 Aug 1799 to Samuel Jones.
  2.  Anna [ancestor], b. 15 Mar 1783, Washington; d. 12 Oct 1866 Jordan NY; m. 1803 to Cornelius GRAVES; 8 children - our line follows youngest child, Charles Giles GRAVES
*there is an unusual gap of 12 years between births at this point; mother is ~32 
  3.  Hepzibah, b. 19 Mar 1795, Bristol;  d. 23 May 1881, Elbridge NY; Simon Converse, at least 3 children
*here is another unusual gap of 7 years between births; mother is ~39
  4.  Sarah Elizabeth "Sally Betsy", b. 10 Jun 1802, Bristol; m. Amherst Coon est 1822; at least 3 sons
*here is another unusual gap of 7 years between births; mother is ~46
  5.  Nancy Jennet/Janet, b. 9 Nov 1809, Watertown; d. 21 Nov 1904, Conneaut, PA; m. 8 Oct 1834 to Edward W. Sanderson (he died in OH); at least 4 children.

I have not been able to find records of other children born during those years, and have not been able to make good genealogical sense of the large gaps between the children.  

Sarah THOMPSON, Samuel's wife, died 13 Jun 1830 in Watertown, CT.  Samuel died  7 years later, in 5 Jul 1837, in Russia, Herkimer, New York.  He and his wife are buried in Century Cemetery, Russia, New York.   His headstone lists both Samuel and Sarah's death dates. 

If you have further information on Samuel Peet TREAT and his family, including the children, please do not hesitate to contact me via calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments below.  I appreciate any corrections, additions, etc. Thanks for stopping by.


GeniAus said...

Great stuff - the finish line for this challenge is looming. Congratulations on your efforts so far.

Julie said...

Looks like we're cousins, Celia. I descend from Gov. Robert Treat's sister Susannah, who married Lieut. Robert Webster.

Celia Lewis said...

Thanks Jill! My earlier reply seems to have disappeared, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your comments!
Yes, I can see the end in sight - it's definitely a challenge.

Celia Lewis said...

Look at that! Thanks for commenting, Julie. We're probably about 8th cousins-once-removed!
Several years ago, I finally fleshed out Susannah & Robert Webster's family group with their children for 2 generations, in order to clarify naming patterns and, to be sure I had the right families. Glad to see another Trott/Treat descendant!

Mike said...

It looks like I'm a cousin, as well. I descend from Governor Treat's son, Rev. Samuel Treat. Interesting stuff!

Celia Lewis said...

Cheers, Cousin Marshall Stack! Thanks for commenting. You're from the eldest child, my line from the youngest!
When I saw that Rev. Samuel Treat & Elizabeth Mayo had eleven children, and with 2nd wife Abigail Willard had at least 2 more, I chose not to put all their names & spouses down in my software program. Sometimes I have to draw a line. Usually I go up and down at least two generations to clarify naming patterns and possible inter-twining of families. :)


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