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52 ANCESTORS in 52 WEEKS, No. 52: Rev. Christopher YOUNGS, c.1585 - c.1647

Following the challenge from Amy Johnson Crow to write a post weekly, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, here is the 52nd ancestor, the last post in this challenge, and virtually the last direct ancestor in my Index: the Reverend Christopher YOUNGS, b. abt 1545 in Southwold, Suffolk, England, and d. before 1647 in Southold, Suffolk, New York. 

I do not have Christopher YOUNGS' parents information, but it is highly likely they also lived in and around Southwold. It may not be possible to go further back in time.  Southold NY celebrated their 250th anniversary in 1890 and I was able to find some interesting details in their celebration booklet. Included is the following statements noted in a published letter from the Southwold Vicarage, Suffolk, July 22, 1890, signed [Rev.] Proby L. Cautley, Rural Dean of North Dunwich and ex-Diocesan Inspector of Schools:
"The names of Tuthill, Youngs, Moore, King and Whitaker are still extant amongst us, and the Palmers, Rogers and Hurrs have from time immemorial been very common here.  Enclosed are extracts from the Parish Register Book, whidates back to 1602, of the King, Harrison, Moore, Youngs and Whitaker families, .... I am having the old Register Book copied, which I propose, when finished, presenting to the church or town of Southold."    Note that this book is now in the custody of the Town Clerk in Southold, L.I.

It has been noted in several family histories published in the late 1800s, which include details about the Youngs family, that he was born in 1545, and died 1626, but it is challenging to prove this information. For instance the date of probate for his will was the 5th month of 1647 (July), and it is much more likely that he died not long before this time, e.g., Jan or Feb 1646/47. It is very clear that I need to do more specific research on this YOUNGS family, to tease out more details.  

Christopher and several of his sons became Vicars, so we might assume they were all reasonably well educated in England.  And indeed, Christopher YOUNGS attended Oxford University according to their records, and received his BA 1564, his MA in July 1566.  Christopher married Margaret [unknown surname] in England likely after receiving his education and his vicarage appointment.  Because their children were born from 1605-1616, I do wonder if the Christopher Youngs who graduated in 1564-66 is actually the father of the Immigrant. 

Children of Christopher and Margaret, all born in Suffolk, England, but not confirmed as yet, except for Martha:
  1. Joseph, bap 22 Oct 1605, Ubbeston.
  2.  Mary, bap. 7 Aug 1607, Ubbeston.
  3.  Margaret, bap 28 Nov 1608, Ubbeston.
  4.  Christopher (jr.), bap. 11 Oct 1610, Westhall.
  5.  John, b. abt 1612, Southwold.
  6.  Martha [ancestor], bap. 1 Jul 1613, Southwold; m. Thomas MOORE (jr), 9 children
  7.  Elizabeth, bap. 31 Jul 1616, d. 31 Jul 1616, Southwold.
  8.  Ward, bap 31 Jul 1616, d. 31 Jul 1616, Southwold.

The Rev.YOUNGS and their children, travelled to the colonies before 1650, along with the families listed above, quoted in the letter.  They settled in Southwold, Suffolk, New York - in the northern part of Long Island, New York.

Christopher likely died in 1646 or 1647 - i.e., Jan or Feb of 1646/47, and his will is probated, filed in Salem in the 5th month of 1647 [July].  Apparently his wife, Margaret lived longer, although I do not have a death date and place for her. 

Our direct ancestor, their daughter, Martha YOUNGS, married Thomas MOORE (jr) about 1635-1638, in Southwold, Suffolk. These families knew each other very well before emigrating from England.

Oh-so-clearly, I need to do more research, and there should be a few more records as well.  Perhaps a record of marriages for Christopher (Sr) YOUNGS and Margaret, or for Martha YOUNGS and Thomas MOORE - in England.  In Salem MA, I may be able to find actual registers of births, marriages, and deaths.  I would definitely like to put to rest the question I have about the father of this Rev. Christopher YOUNGS.  

If you have information or places for me to keep digging, do let me know!  I am thrilled to correct my misinformation or 'best guesses' as to dates, places.  You may contact me at calewis at telus dot net or in the Comments section below. 

This is the last of the 2014 Challenge:  "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks".  

Another genealogy blog challenge will be starting in 2015, but with a theme for each week's post.  Look for my first post January 5th, 2015. 

Happy New Year in 2015 - May you be surprised in many wonderful ways this coming year.  


GeniAus said...

My blog reading is way behind so I just managed to catch this last post of yours. CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes as you commence your new project. I'll be on the lookout for it.

Celia Lewis said...

Thanks, Jill, I appreciate your comments so much! This year-long challenge was a big eye-opener to me about who's who in my family tree, and how much more research/searching I still need to be doing.


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