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52 ANCESTORS, 52 THEMES, No. 13, Different: Sytie JACOBZ van Etten

This year's challenge by Amy Crow is another weekly blog, but based on Themes. Last week, it was SAME, as in same as me.  This week, of course, it is DIFFERENT!  It took me a while to pick an ancestor... Here she is - Sytie Jacobz van Etten, born before 25 March 1668, in Kingston, New York.

How are we Different?  Well, Sytie had 12 children, 11 of whom were boys. Whew! I don't know how she managed that mob of boys. I had 4 children, 2 of whom were boys! It's a good opportunity for me to write about her, whether we are different or not. In this year-long challenge, I'm enjoying writing about many ancestors, particularly the women. 

Her Dutch name indicates she was a daughter of Jacob, of Etten, The Netherlands. Jacob Jansen apparently arrived before 1658, although I have not found his actual ship passenger list. Jacob Jansen van Etten married Annetje ADRIANSE Tach (who divorced her first husband for abandonment).  The Old Dutch Church of Kingston Baptismal and Marriage Registers contain the record of their marriage: 
"11 Jan 1665, Jacob Jansen of Etten, and Annetje Arians of Amsterdam, deserted wife of Aert Pietersen Tack, both residing here Wiltwyck, [now Kingston].  First publication of Banns, 28 Dec.,1664; second, 4 Jan; third, 11 Jan 1665."

The Old Dutch Church of Kingston followed Calvinist beliefs [Reformed Church]; the image to the right was taken from Wikipedia. The book above may be downloaded; I found baptism dates for all Sytie & Jacob's children, and marriage dates as well.

Sytie was their second child, bap 25 Mar 1668; witnesses: Jan Broers & his wife [p.6, Baptismal Registers, Kingston NY]. 

She married Jan Evertson 23 Apr 1685 in Kingston, New York:
"19 Jan 1685: JAN EVERTZ, j.m. of Vianen, under the jurisdiction of the Stigt Vtregt [Diocese of Utrecht], and SYTIE JACOBZ van ETTEN, j.d., of Kingstouwne, both resid. in Marmur [Marbletown].  First publication of Banns 23 Apl."

Note: This family took the new surname: TERWILLIGER [corruption of phrase 'by the willows'], by the late 1690s.  All those with Terwilliger surnames are related, a 'made-in-America' surname.  There are a myriad ways of spelling this name, seen in several early records as 'der Villig'  'Ter Wilge' 'De Villiger' and so on.  More information may be found on the Terwilliger Surname Research Center, as well as a short history on this site about the Origins of the Terwilliger Name, or The Terwilliger Family Association. The latter is my favourite site!

Sytie and husband Jacob had the following children:
  1.  Evert, bap 23 May 1686; m. Mar 1717 to Sara Freer
  2.  Jacobus, bap 25 Nov 1688; m. 10 Mar 1716/7 to Annetjen Hornback
  3.  Johannes [ancestor], bap 6 Nov 1692; m. 6 Sep 1717 to Katrina Heypse, 5 children
  4.  Jannetje, bap 9 Jun 1695; m. 17 Jan 1716/7 to Cornelius Kool/Cool
  5.  Matheus, bap 18 Apr 1697, died as infant that year
  6.  Matheus, bap 30 Oct 1698; m. 3 May 1732 to Marytjen Oosterhout
  7.  Salomon, bap 1 Sep 1700; m. 8 Jul 1720 to Rachel Ostrander
  8.  Manuel,bap 31 May 1702; m. abt 1725 to Jannetjen Decker
  9.  Pieter or Petrus, bap 3 Sep 1704
10.  Ary, bap 22 Sep 1706;  m. abt 1749 to Grietjen Phoenix
11.  Abraham, bap 18 Sep 1709
12.  Issac, bap 10 Jun 1716;  m. 15 Dec 1741 to Rebecca Phoenix

Only one girl in this big group of boys.  I wonder what it was like for her? Hopefully, Sytie's other relatives and many siblings were able to help her. There is a gap of 7 years between #11 and #12 children, and she may have had one or more children during this time. 

I do not have any death dates or places, although both Sytie and Jacob may have stayed in Kingston, or in Hurley (extension of Kingston), and died there.  Several more items need to be researched, and clarified. 

Sytie - my hat goes off to you for birthing and raising this group of strong healthy boys and one girl. No wonder there are so many TERWILLIGER descendants!

If you have any information or if I have details incorrect here, please do not hesitate to comment or provide corrections.  You may also contact me via calewis at telus dot net, or leave a comment below.  Thanks for stopping by! 


Barbara Poole said...

Hi Celia,
It seems we have some ancestors from the same region in Ulster County, and I'm wondering if you found the Baptismal Registers for Kingston online? I've used this book, but always in a library.

Please tell me it is online, you'd make my day. Thank you. If it isn't, I guess I'll survive.

Celia Lewis said...

Hi Barbara - is where I downloaded a copy for my files; and you can also find it on Ancestry.

Cheers - Celia


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