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52 ANCESTORS, 52 THEMES. No. 17, Prosper : Charles Giles GRAVES, 1824-1902

This year's challenge by Amy Crow is another weekly blog, but based on Themes.  Number 16 was Live Long.  This week, number 17 theme is Prosper.  

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The photo here may or may not be of Charles Giles GRAVES - but was with others who clearly were family members, part of a collage. 

Here's Charles Giles GRAVES - a "Gentleman," who lived "on his own means" - as the Censuses state as his Occupation; clearly a prosperous man. Charles Giles GRAVES was my second great-grandfather on my mother's mother's line.  

His father was Cornelius GRAVES (1783-1828) & Anna TREAT (1783-1866). From the Graves Family Association's records, (Gen. 166), Cornelius "...was a stone mason [who] removed to near Auburn New York, where he pursued farming and contracting, and furnished materials to build Auburn prison, and for locks on the Erie Canal."  Anna TREAT was the 2nd great-granddaughter to Governor Robert TREAT of Connecticut.

Charles was the 8th child of Cornelius & Anna, the youngest of 6 sons and 2 daughters, born 7 Mar 1824 in Jordan, Onondaga, NY.  Note he was only 4 years old when his father died.  His mother did not remarry.  

On 26 Sep 1850, in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY, he married "Hattie" Harriet Philena ORMSBEE (1827-1929).  Hattie was the eldest daughter, 2nd child, of Jacob ORMSBEE and Sabra TOWERS. Jacob was a successful contractor/builder in and around Syracuse. 

Charles and Hattie had the following children, born in Syracuse NY:

  1.  Lillian Adele, b. 25 Nov 1853, d. 5 Jan 1949 Syracuse; m. 11 Jul 1877 to
          Gabriel W. Wisner (lawyer); 4 children

  2.  Clara Augusta "Gussie" [ancestor], b. 5 Nov 1857, d. 30 Oct 1955,
          Pinellas FL;  m. 2 Oct 1879 to James "Grove" Grover TERWILLIGER;
          3 children [my line through eldest]

  3.  Florence Estelle, b. 3 Feb 1860, d. 6 Apr 1954 Tabor NJ; m. 6 Sep 1893 to
          Ernest F. Tyler (jeweller/business owner); 1 daughter.  She was called
          "Aunt Toto" by my mother.

From 1862 Jan 21 - 1863 Apr 18, he was a Second Lieutenant in COMPANY "C", 19th INFANTRY, New York.  He resigned out on April 18 1863.  

In the Syracuse region, he owned or was a partner in a number of mercantile businesses (Seager & Graves, e.g.), as well as in the early oil industry, and manufacturing of gas pipes. 

One month short of his 78th birthday, Charles G. GRAVES died at the family residence on Sunday, 4 Feb 1902, after struggling with pneumonia for two weeks, according to newspaper accounts.  He was survived by his wife, Hattie, and their three daughters, eight grandchildren.

He is buried (as is his wife) in the Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse, Onondaga, NY, as can be seen on FindAGrave.

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