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52 ANCESTORS, 52 THEMES - No.32 : Cornelius GRAVES, 1783-1828

This year's challenge by Amy Crow is another weekly blog based on Themes. Last week's theme was Easy, and I wrote about my ex-husband's maternal grandfather.  This week's theme is 32, i.e., THIRTY-TWO.  We're at the 32nd week, and there are 32 third-great-grandparents.  I've chosen to write about Cornelius GRAVES, of Connecticut - whose father is much better known (Stephen GRAVES, of the Tory Den fame near Harwinton CT).  Don't forget to click on links for more details.

Cornelius GRAVES, b. 15 Feb 1783 in Harwinton, Connecticut, was the eldest son, and third child of Stephen GRAVES and Ruth JEROME (whose father was Zerubbabel JEROME - remember those posts on Zerubbabel?).  Cornelius was baptised 27 Apr 1783, in East Plymouth, CT.

Cornelius became a very successful stone mason and contractor, and in about 1803 he married Anna TREAT, the 2nd of the five daughters of Samuel Peet TREAT and Sarah THOMPSON.  Anna is a direct ancestor of  Robert TREAT, Governor of CT in the latter part of the 1600s.

The family moved near Auburn, Cayuga, New York, where he worked as a farmer, as well as contracting/providing materials while building the Auburn Prison.  Apparently, he also was involved in contracting materials to build the locks on the Erie Canal.  The Canal opened Oct 26, 1825, connecting the Great Lakes with the Hudson River, starting a wave of immigration to the western regions, as well as improving transportation of goods/freight.

Soon after 1810, the family moved and settled in Jordan, Onondaga County, NY.

Children of Cornelius and Anna:
  1. Emeline, b. 21 Jun 1805, Harwinton CT, d. 2 Aug 1879; m. Henry Allen 1824; 3 children
  2. William Thompson, b. 2 May 1807, Harwinton CT, d. 26 Jul 1889; m. Oct 1835 to Catherine C. Davis;  known as "honest Tom Graves"; successful banker
  3. Edward Seabury, b. 19 Nov 1810, Harwinton CT, d. 19 Oct 1887; m. 5 Jul 1849 to sister of above bro's wife, Nancy L. Davis; 1 daughter
  4. Stephen Rensselaer, b. 2 Oct 1814, Jordan, NY, d. 1894; m. 7 Nov 1824 to Susan A. Barr; 6 children
  5. Sheldon, b. 8 Jul 1816, Jordan NY, d. 13 Feb 1894 Chicago IL; m. 12 Jun 1846 to Mary Camp; 5 children
  6. Caroline, b. 31 Aug 1818, Jordan NY, d. 22 Jul 1821 - 2yrs of age
  7. Harmon, b. 29 Oct 1821, Jordan NY, d. 2 Mar 1825 - 3 yrs of age
  8. Charles Giles [direct ancestor], b. 7 Mar 1824 Jordan NY, d. 8 Feb 1902; m. 26 Sep 1850 to Harriet Philena ORMSBEE (1827-1929!); 3 daughters

Only four years after the birth of his last child, Charles, Cornelius died on 27 Sep 1828, near Auburn NY.  It is a mystery to me why he died at only 45 years of age, and I haven't found any records to date with any details.  But noting that two children died in 1821 and 1825, there may have been epidemics in the region... or perhaps he had an accident related to his work.  However, he was a very successful businessman, and the family managed extremely well in their lives after he died.

Anna, his wife, did not remarry. She lived for a time with her eldest son, Wm Thompson "Tom" Graves in Jordan.  She died, aged 83, on 12 Oct 1866, in Jordan NY.

Cornelius is buried with his wife, in Maple Grove Cemetery in Jordan, Onondaga, New York.

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