Wednesday, December 9, 2015

52 ANCESTORS, 52 THEMES, No. 49, Holidays: Christmas & New Years' Day Ancestors

This year's challenge by Amy Crow is another weekly blog based on Themes, although it seems not always relevant for me to use!  This week the theme is "Holidays" -  and I thought I'd write about ancestors and collateral relatives who have birthdays on Christmas Day & New Year's Day.  Note that only direct ancestors have their surnames in CAPITALS.

Catherine C. Eckenrode, b. 25 Dec 1870, dau of Elias Alexander Eckenrode & Elizabeth Ann McSherry, d. 23 Jan 1899; 5th cousin 1x removed

Elijah Graves, b. 25 Dec 1749, son of Jonathan Graves & Mary Tisdale, d. 17 May 1836, m. 1772 to Patience Case. 2nd cousin, 6x removed

Emma Gertrude Graves, b. 25 Dec 1853, dau of Stephen Rensselaer Graves & Susan A. Barr, d. 1927, m. Clare A. Benedict 8 Dec 1874;  1st cousin 3x removed.

Lois Graves, 25 Dec 1770, dau of Stephen Graves & Patience Hatch, d. Jan 1842; 3rd cousin 5x removed

Sarah Jane Kuhn, b. 25 Dec 1831, dau of Joseph Jacobus KUHN & Jane Rebecca McCABE, d. 290 Apr 1834;  Greatgrand Aunt

Joseph Isadore Slosser, b. 25 Dec 1864; d. 24 Feb 1865;  4th cousin 2x removed

Mary L. Trainor, b. 25 Dec 1859, dau of William & Mary Trainor; d. 26 Jan 1931; m. Lucius Frank Ormsbee;  wife of 1st cousin 3x removed

Amos Griswold, b. 1 Jan 1780, son of Thomas Griswold & Hannah Cruttenden, d. 21 Aug 1876; m. Rachel Bushnell 24 Jan 1804;  Husband of 3rd cousin 5x removed

Mary Kuhn, b. 1 Jan 1823, dau of Christian Kuhn & Catherine Magdalena Kohl; 3rd cousin 3x removed

Hannah Treat, 1 Jan 1660/61, dau of [Gov] Robert TREAT & Jane TAPP, d. 3 Mar 1706/7; 6th Greatgrand Aunt

Elizabeth WHEELER, b. 1 Jan 1599/1600, dau of Henry WHEELER & Elizabeth SEELING, m. abt 1620 to John GRUMMAN; 9th great-grandmother

For some reason I'd expected to find more than I did!  This was a fun exercise, and brought up a few research questions once more, added to my to-do lists.

If you know anything more about any of the above individuals, I would be so pleased for more details. And if you wish more information on them, I'm happy to share. Contact me at my address at the bottom of the page, or in the Comments section.

Sometimes my Blogger account seems not to allow me to "reply" to your comments. Do know that I value your comments immensely. You make my day! Thanks for stopping by to read my personal genealogy posts.

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kathy said...

This does look like fun. I can't recall anyone born on those days. Something on my to do list.


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