Monday, January 8, 2018

"FAVOURITE PHOTO," #52ancestors challenge:

For Amy Johnson Crow's year-long challenge: "52 Weeks, 52 Ancestors," here is the 2nd week with prompt, "Favourite Photo." I have too many favourite photos to find it easy to choose one.

There's the 1917 photo of my Gillespie Grandparents and their five children including my 10 year old Dad.

There's also the 1899 tintype photo of my Gillespie Grandparents - their engagement photo.

Or, the 1924 photo of 4 generations in the Terwilliger line with my 2 year old Mom.

Plus the photo of my baby brother with Mom, my big sister and me, on the stoop. And... Too many.

I decided to use the photo of 4 generations with my first baby, me, my Mom, and her mother, sitting on the porch of our house. Summer 1968, and my grandmother is 88 in this photo. She died in late 1973.

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