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Zerubbabel JEROME - I simply love this name. Four syllables, with the emphasis on the 1st and the 3rd syllables.  What did his mother call him when she wanted him right away?   I have a hard time thinking of a new mother looking at a new little baby boy and saying "Oh, how sweet, I think we'll call him Zerubbabel!"  

My 5th great-grandfather, he was the 3rd child (2nd son) of Timothy (Chauncey) JEROME and Abagail RICH, who were married in Dorchester Massachusetts in about 1709.  Both parents were born in England, possibly frrom Hampshire.

Zerubbabel was born on Wednesday 3 Apr 1715 in Meriden, New Haven, according to the Barbour Collection of births in Connecticut towns. The family had started off settling in Windham, but moved after the first two children were born, to Meriden, where Timothy is shown owning land.  They eventually settled later in Wallingford, CT.

His first marriage was to 1st, Sarah Cook, in about 1735, but she died in 1737 with her first child, Mary Jerome who died also.  The following year, 30 Aug 1738 in Meriden, Zerubbabel married 2nd, Phebe Cook, and they had 11 children: Mary, Robert, Thomas, Jerusha, Zerubbabel (d. young), Chauncey, Asahel, Phebe, Abigail, Zerubbabel, Ruth.  My line goes through Ruth JEROME who married Stephen GRAVES.   Phebe, his 2nd wife, died soon after her last child - those were very tough times for women.

Zerubbabel and four of his sons were known as Tories (pro-Britain) during the Revolutionary War: Robert, Thomas, & Asahel.  In 1777, his other two sons Zerubbabel Jr. and Chauncey were imprisoned in the Hartford jail "as Tories". One wonders how they managed to survive during that turbulent time!  His son-in-law, Moses Dunbar, was the only man hanged for treason in 1777 - the note on Wikipedia states Moses' own father provided the rope!  Sends shivers down my spine...

Zerubbabel died in October 1783 in Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut.  Some records say he died in Bristol, others say Farmington.  His burial place is not known at present, but it is assumed to be in Hartford county.

A small note:  on a Memorial page on FindAGrave, it states:  "Sir Winston Churchill was the 3rd greatgrandnephew to Zerubbabel".  At one point I tracked down the connections, and they are there... but such a collateral line, I haven't bothered to put this into my tree.

If you know of any more details of Zerubbabel & his wives and children, I'd love to hear from you, at calewis at telus dot net.  Leave a comment below.

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