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As per Amy Johnson Crow's challenge of blogging once/week this year on one of our ancestors, I'm starting with #1.  Here we go - an excellent genealogical challenge!   For this one, I'm at an early immigrant to Virginia on the LEWIS-RICE line, my ex-husband's ancestors.

Anthony HERRING, born about 1637-1640 in what is known now as Isle of Wight county, Virginia.  In my incomplete tree, he appears to be a single child of parents John HERRING & Margerie WHITFIELD.  John & Margerie were both apparently born in England, and immigrated to Virginia before the time that Anthony was born in 1637.   The HERRING surname is apparently an occupational surname, found in Northern Europe: in Germany as well as in England.

Anthony's father, John HERRING, apparently had died by 1672 when his will was proved (10 Jun 1672). John's will names his son, Anthony, and also mentions Margerie, and John Whitfield [her brother].  While providing limited documentation of the relationships between the several people, the will image is not available online, and there appear to be few more details available. See minimal transcription taken from online access on Ancestry; stating it is transcribed from the microfilmed original Will books:

Five years later, in 1677, Anthony married Rebecca WEST, b.1652 in Isle of Wight county, Virginia.  She may have had several miscarriages, but eventually, went on to have 10 boys, although not all are confirmed:
  Samuel, b. 1682
  Thomas, b. abt 1683
  Abraham, b. abt 1684
  *John, b. 1686 [the direct ancestor]
  Joseph, b. 1688
  Jacob, b. 1690
  Stephen, b. 1692
  Edward, b. 1693
  Daniel, b. 1696
  Anthony jr., b. 1698

Anthony was a tobacco planter in Isle of Wight county, although it is not clear how many acres he had.  We know he had at least 200 acres from a land sale record, but that is quite small for this large family!

Although some online trees show Anthony as deceased in 1700, it is not known exactly when he died, but likely after 1714 when he is listed as paying a tax.  He apparently did not make a will, which would have been so helpful!  Several of the sons moved to North Carolina to settle, and other sons joined them eventually, living as a cluster.    Rebecca may have received help from her family, as it is known they also lived in the same area.  Her older boys would already be working and possibly earning enough to help the family as well.

There are likely records tucked away in vertical files or court records which could shed some light on Anthony and his life in Isle of White county, Virginia.  I would be very happy if any reader has additional information to share about Anthony or his parents - or his wife.  Contact me at calewis at telus dot net, and/or comment below.


Sally Knudsen said...

Off to a good start! I don't have any records this old :(

Donna Peterson said...

Well done Celia

Donna Peterson said...

Well done Celia

Celia Lewis said...

Thanks Sally - I have a few this old and earlier, so I'm happy to put out what I do have, in hopes others have more info than I've found to date. Thanks for dropping by!

Celia Lewis said...

Thanks Donna - I'm hoping to do one a week "no matter what"!!

Wendy said...

I live about 30 minutes from Isle of Wight. So it has been fun reading this particular blog.

Celia Lewis said...

Thanks for stopping by, Wendy! I've enjoyed doing a bit of research of this settlement in Virginia. Cheers.

Danny Bennett said...

I'm related to Rebecca West and Anthony Herring. Our ancestor is one of their sons, Samuel Herring, and Ann Williams.

Celia Lewis said...

Thanks Danny - I've done little research on the sons, other than the direct ancestor. I'm putting more names down on my research plan! Cheers.


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