Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY - 3 KUHN cousins - August 1961

English Bay near the Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver BC Canada.
I'm in the middle here, aged 18 yrs, just finished high school.
On the left is Marie, one of my Kalifornia Kuhn cousins, about 15 yrs.
And on the right is Wendy, about 16 yrs.

Both these two cousins died of cancer.
As did Marie's father (the elder of my mother's 2 older brothers).
And my mother.
And cancer affected Wendy's mother as well (the eldest of my mother's 2 older sisters).

But in this slightly fuzzy photo, we're 3 teenagers having fun in the sun, August 1961, enjoying the day at the beach.


John D. Tew said...

Hi Celia

Given the future events you have shared, this is a very poignant photograph. It captures a fun, carefree moment in time during the days of youth. I could understand why looking at the photo would be both a thing of joy and saddness -- which makes it a very precious photograph indeed.

On another note, you must be the hippy of the trio -- the only one who is barefooting it. ;-)

Celia Lewis said...

Yes - there's a lot of mixed feelings about this photo. You're quite right.

As for the being the hippy of the trio - I've always HATED shoes, and tried to go barefoot most of the time. I never was much of a hippy here - too serious, careful, and didn't have the 'wrong' kinds of friends! But that day, I was feeling quite confident and happy, definitely. Thanks for commenting, John.


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