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52 ANCESTORS, 52 THEMES, No. 23, Wedding (NOT) : George HUDSON, 1680-1748

This year's challenge by Amy Crow is another weekly blog based on Themes. Last week's theme was Commencement / Beginnings.  This week, the theme is Wedding and I'm writing about... NOT Weddings.  I couldn't find any wedding photos or wedding stories, nor is there any particular tradition/history about weddings. On the other hand, here is Bangor Church where the children of George HUDSON were likely married, in Pennsylvania!   

I've chosen to write about George HUDSON/HUTTSON, who emigrated from Wales to Pennsylvania, possibly along with the MORGAN family (Thomas MORGAN). George was the 8th of the 9 known children attributed to Charles HUDSON and Joice/Joyce (unknown), in Pembrokeshire, Wales. There were only 2 girls in this family - another male-heavy line in the family. George HUDSON is my 6th (my children's 7th) great-grandfather. 

George married an unknown woman in Wales, who apparently died shortly after the birth of their fifth child.  Shortly afterwards, George married a second time to a Margret Griffith, but the couple had no further children. George and his first wife had the following children, all born in Pembrokeshire, Wales:
  1.  Charles, b.~1710, d. Jan 1748/9 in Pennsylvania; m. Mary Love in PA abt 1735, 3 boys
  2.  Nicholas [ancestor], b. ~1711/12, d. bef 9 Sep 1780 in PA; m. abt 1735 in PA to Jean/Jane BOWEN, 8 children (7 boys, 1 girl)
  3.  Joyce, b. ~1715; m. est 1730 to Even/Owen Hugh, 6 children (5 boys, 1 girl)
  4.  George jr., b. ~1718, d. 1747 PA; m. est 1740 in PA to Ann___; 2 children (1 each)
  5.  William, b. 1720, d. 1753 Evangeline Co., Louisiana; m. est 1746 LA to  Frances Morgan; 3 known children (2 boys, 1 girl)

This HUDSON family, written as Huttson at times, apparently immigrated sometime soon after 1720.  He was one of the earliest settlers in Caernarvon township.  George is listed as receiving a warrant for 400 acres of land reaching south from the King's Highway and west of the land of Gabriel Davies. An early map of Caernarvon township showing land boundaries may be seen in this link; scroll down, and under Lancaster county, select Caernarvon township. This is a wonderfully detailed map - I've spent hours poring over it! 

George left a very detailed will, apparently written on 09 Dec 1746 but not witnessed until 10 Jul 1747. A Codicil was added and then witnessed on 15 Sep 1747. The will was probated on 11 Apr 1748.  It lists the children, a number of grandchildren, describes his youngest son William as living in Louisiana, and other family details.  A transcription of the will may be found here.  The person transcribing the will used [sic] for all unusual or mis-spellings. Of course, spelling as we all know, was somewhat irrelevant at the time, and although correct, I find the constant [sic] quite intrusive to reading it.  I've taken each sentence and separated it, to clarify each item and each person in the family.

His will affirms that he and Margret had no children, as he states   "...she having no Child of her own nor neare relation in this Country...", and his will appears very generous in looking after her. Margret died before 3 Mar 1761, almost 13 years after George's death.

George provided funds to the Bangor church to build a stone wall surrounding it, plus yearly funds from his land estates to the church. The Bangor Episcopalian church, originally built around 1722, is a National Heritage building, and there is apparently a plaque inside the church mentioning him.   

Here is where more information may be found on the HUDSON, MORGAN, & other Welsh surnames in the interior area of Pennsylvania:  Click Link.  

If any of these people are your ancestors as well, please contact me via calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments below. I would love to learn more about my various ancestors. 

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Celia Lewis said...

Happy you found this blog, Mackenzie. I'd love to go back further if possible, but so far, no luck, and likely no more records back that far. Digging through each page of old English parish registers is how I managed to find them! I have Francis Hudson as Charles Hudson's father. No know details of Francis' wife's name, birthdate/place nor death date/place. Francis and his wife had 10 children I was able to find. 1619-1637. Francis died aged 71 in 1659 in Rudbaxton, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Charles was their 9th child. If you want to ask any questions, email me with the address down at the very bottom of the postings. Cheers. said...

Oh my goodness!!! I am dying to know where you got all this information.

George is my 8th Great Grandfather....
Caleb Jr.
Jacob Jahiel
Cary Alvin
Dale Alvin
Thomas Dale
me: Joseph Thomas Hudson

I would love to ask you more questions. do you still keep up with this blog?


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