Tuesday, October 6, 2015

52 ANCESTORS, 52 THEMES, No. 40, October birthdays: NINE Direct Ancestors

This year's challenge by Amy Crow is another weekly blog based on Themes. Last week's theme was Unusual, and this week is "OCTOBER birthdays/anniversaries".  Counting them all, I have NINE direct ancestors with birth dates in October, including a married couple. They are listed with birthplace, spouse and marriage date, plus number of known children.

1 Oct 1665:  Judith STEVENS, b. Windsor CT, m. Samuel BUEL(L) 1686; 11 children

2 Oct 1687:  Abigail RICH, b. Wenham MA, m. Timothy JEROME 1709; 7 children including my favourite-named son, Zerubbabel.

4 Oct 1770:  Jane [Jennetje] KOEN, b. New Scotland NY, m. Simon TERWILLIGER 1788; 4 children

4 Oct 1803:  Joseph Jacobus KUHN, b. Conewago PA, m. Jane Rebecca McCABE 1826; 9 children

5 Oct 1924:  Mary Marguerite KUHN [my mother!], b. Vancouver BC, m. John GILLESPIE 1941; 3 children

12 Oct 1812:  Francis William [F.W.] PETTYGROVE, b. Calais ME, m. Sophia RULAND 1842; 7 children

22 Oct 1829:  Louis DeBarth KUHN, b. East Berlin PA, m. Amelia PETTYGROVE 1864; 10 children; Amelia is the eldest daughter of FW PETTYGROVE above.

25 Oct 1803:  Jane Rebecca McCABE, b. Downington PA, m. Joseph Jacobus KUHN 1826; 9 children

28 Oct 1716:  Jannetje van VALKENBURGH, b. Schenectady NY, m. Simeon LARROWAY [LeRoy] 1733;  4 children

 Are any of these people your ancestors as well?  If you have any information or details to share, or to correct the details above, I would be very happy to hear from you.  Contact me via email below [bottom of page], or in the Comments section.

The photo up above is in Vancouver BC Canada, facing north - you can see the darker blue tone of the mountains across the harbour. Taken in Falaise Park south of the Grandview Highway by my brother Jake, this is the neighbourhood we grew up in. The Park wasn't quite so tidy and organized back then, with a boggy bottom and a ravine to play in.  

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