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52 ANCESTORS, 52 THEMES, No. 39, Unusual: Ammiruhamah Spencer

This year's challenge by Amy Crow is another weekly blog based on Themes. Last week's theme was Favourite Place, and this week is "UNUSUAL".  I ran across a most unusual name last week, and here he is:  Ammiruhama Spencer.  I've also seen his first name spelled as Ammi Ruhama, but that likely shows he might have been called "Ammi" from Ammiruhama.

Ammiruhamah Spencer is the 7th great-granduncle of my children. I have not been able to find many details for him at all, despite his unusual name.  He was the youngest of 5 children as follows.

Michael SPENCER (1648-1723) and Rebecca SWEETMAN (1649-1723?) married 7 Dec 1671 in Salem, Massachusetts, the couple moving first to Cambridge MA, then to Rhode Island where they died.  Their children were apparently born in Cambridge MA:
   1.  Rebecca, b. 4 Nov 1673
   2.  Susanna [direct ancestor], b. 6 Apr 1680; m. in East Greenwich R.I. on 4 Oct 1708 to John OLIN (leading to the RICE family); 4 children
   3.  Michael (jr.), b. 16 Apr 1682
   4.  Thomas, b. 3 Feb 1687/88
   5.  Ammiruhamah, b. 11 Jul 1690, d. 28 Aug 1725; m. 3 Oct 1717 in East Greenwich R.I. to Rachel Lawrence; 2 known children.

Children of Ammiruhamah and Rachel, born in East Greenwich R.I.:
   1.  Elizabeth, b. 23 Sep 1718
   2.  Michael, b. 2 Feb 1719/20

Some of the above information came from a book found on Family Search: "The Four Spencer Brothers - Their Ancestors and Descendants" by Rowena Spencer; with the first 9 chapters researched and written by Donald Lines Jacobus. Rhode Island Vital Records, and Massachusetts Vital Records, filled in several gaps.

All I "know" about Ammiruhamah are the details of his parents, siblings, birth place and date, marriage place and date, spouse, and his death place and date.  His death may have been sudden - he was aged only 35 years. It is not clear if Rachel, his spouse, also died young, or if she married once again.  I have not found any further marrige records for a Rachel Spencer.

And I also have not found records for the two little children; Elizabeth and Michael are quite common names, and there are several distinct lines of Spencers in New England.  So far I have not teased out any details, nor found any guardian records; they would have been 7 and 5 years of age respectively.

If you know anything about Ammiruhamah and his family, I would be so pleased for more details. Contact me at my address at the bottom of the page, or in the Comments section.

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