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This year's challenge by Amy Crow is another weekly blog based on Themes. Last week's theme was Halfway, and I wrote about my son-in-law's 3rd greatgrandparents, and how I'm barely halfway through my research plan for them!  This week, the theme is INDEPENDENT. For some reason I drew a blank on this theme for a particular person, and went back to a related theme, Independence Day.

I decided to check my database for any ancestors, including collaterals, whose birthday was on 4th July, after the War of Independence.  I was surprised to find only two.  But they are ancestors, and perhaps their descendants may find this intereresting!  Both are in my Kuhn line, which goes back to the original settler from Wurrtemberg, John Kuhn. He and his wife, Anna Barbara Adams, arrived in Pennsylvania in 1732 with their 3 sons and 1 daughter.  Our line follows their second son, John George Kuhn & Catherine Riffel.

1.  Guy Joseph Kuhn  - 5th Cousin, 1x removed
     Parents:  Alphonse Ligouri Kuhn (1857-1925),
         & Mary Jane Long, (1872-1942); Pennsylvania
     Born:  4 July 1900,  Paradise Township, York, Pennsylvania
     Baptized: 8 July 1900, Abbottstown, Pennsylvania
     Married:  22 Jul 1937, Harrisonberg, Virginia; to Effie Viola Lau; 1 stepson
     Death: Feb 1966, Pennsylvania.
     Burial: Greenmount Cemetery, York, York, Pennsylvania.

2.  Susanna Kuhn  - 3rd Cousin, 3x removed
     Parents:  George Kuhn (1780-1825)
         & Susanna Felix (1775-1854), Pennsylvania
     Born:  4 July 1812, Adams county, Pennsylvania
     Married:  1st marriage: 30 Dec 1835, Conewago Chapel, Adams,
                          Pennsylvania: to Ignatius Felty, who died unexpectedly
                          in 1841, leaving her with 3 very young children
                     2nd marriage: 15 Nov 1853, Conewago Chapel, Pennsylvania,
                          to David Fink; 2 more children.
     Death:  19 Mar 1880, Pennsylvania
     Burial:  Conewago Chapel Cemetery,  Adams, Pennsylvania

If these are your ancestors, I am happy to share what little I have on these collateral ancestors.  And if there are errors, please do let me know, via calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments below.  I appreciate the opportunity to correct any issues in my family trees.

Blogger - or my computer - is still not letting me "reply" to your comments, for some unknown reason. If I don't reply to your Comment, please know that I'm totally thrilled you came to read my post and commented!  You truly make my day.

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