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This year's challenge by Amy Crow is another weekly blog based on Themes. Last week's theme was "Frightening" and I wrote about another very early settler to New England, Edmund TAPP & wife, Anne.  This week's theme is "Free", in whatever way one wishes to take it.  Fine, I headed over to my son-in-law's family lines, and picked his 3rd greatgrandparents:  Thomas PICKTON & Mary SAVAGE, from Cuddington, Cheshire, England.

Thomas PICKTON & Mary SAVAGE, both born approximately 1791. On the 1851 Census of Cuddington, Thomas lists his birthplace in Weaverham, and Mary lists her birthplace as Frodham Parish, about 7 miles apart.

They were married 6 Aug 1811 in Weaverham as seen on the Marriage Register, as well as in the Bishop's Register for the Diocese. Weaverham's history is detailed and summarized by the Weaverham History Society.  "The Weaverham of 1801 was a sleepy rural Cheshire village where only 1040 people followed largely agricultural employment."   
The church in the village is still standing:  St Mary's Church of England, built early in the 15th Century and added to in following centuries - A Grade 1 listed heritage building.  It has six bells, several from the 1700s, several from the 1800s. The first Parish Registers begin in 1576.  The photograph of this church, found on Wikipedia, is attributed to "Lizzie" from,, 11 Jun 2005.

The young PICKTON couple appear to have settled about 2 miles away, in Cuddington, where at least 4 of their children are known to have been born.  There is a 5 year gap between the first and second child; I could not find another birth for this couple in those years. 
  1. Mary, bap 30 May 1813; m. 1849 to William Podmore in Whitegate, Cheshire
  2. Elizabeth, bap 12 Jul 1818
  3. Hannah/Ann [ancestor],  bap 11 Feb 1821 Cuddington; m. abt 1841 to George BOSTOCK; 7 children [all boys]; husband George d. 1870 Aug 9.
  4. Thomas, bap 8 Jun 1823, poss. burial reg, 1861 1st Quarter, Weaverham Cheshire. [aged 37]
  5. Sarah, abt 1826 [est by age on 1841 Census]
  6. Ellen, bap 14 Feb 1830  [listed as Helen on 1851 Census]
Thomas's occupation was Farmer on both the 1841 and 1851 Censuses for Cuddington. On the 1851 Census, it states "Farmer of 9 acres." They do not seem to be listed on a 1861 Census for Cheshire. 

I have not yet firmly identified a burial or death for either Thomas or Mary. There is a possible death register date of Sep 1853, and burial register place in the region, but not proven to be this Thomas. My to-do research list includes searching for more information on Hannah's siblings, and additional details on both Thomas' and Mary's families, likely both in Cheshire,  With such common first names, this could be somewhat challenging. 

If you know anything about Thomas PICTON & Mary SAVAGE, I would be so pleased for more details. Contact me at my address at the bottom of the page, or in the Comments section.

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